Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Georgia Wedding Venues: Little Gardens

I have to admit.
I was the girl who looked at wedding venues before I was even engaged.
I was so excited for my day, and couldn't wait to visit and tour the different venues with a pretty little ring on my finger and fiance by my side.

I did a lot of research on venues in Georgia when I finally got engaged last year.  I even visited some with Brittany while she was looking for her wedding a year ago. 

The very first blog I ever read was So Happy to be Here, formerly Mrs. Southern Belle. She highlighted a Georgia wedding venue that her sister was looking at to get married. I was able to see pictures that you don't see on venue websites.

I began to notice through my venue search, that venue pictures online look VERY different than what they look like in person. Some venues I toured, I wished I never wasted my time because they weren't what they seemed.

Since the first blog I ever read and followed helped me in my venue search, I thought I'd highlight some of the venues in Georgia that I visited through my experiences. Some venues live up to venue website expectations, but some may change your mind. These are just strictly my opinions, and you can most certainly make your own!

At the end of this blog series, I'll share the venue Cody and I eventually picked for our day. :)

First venue up, Little Gardens.

Venue Name: Little Gardens
Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Price Range: $$  

This venue was pretty close to where I grew up.

My pedatrician's office when I was little, was literally, RIGHT NEXT DOOR.
What is also literally right next door to this venue, is a QuikTrip. 
It's a very busy area, and it's in a very diverse location.
The house looks very out of place almost because it is so pretty.

With Brittany, while she toured for her wedding day!

Little Gardens is beautiful on the outside! 
[Minus the noise congestion, pediatricians office and QuikTrip]

I toured this venue with my friend Brittany when she got engaged. We were greeted with lemonade and freshly baked cookies in the entrance.
Major brownie points right there.

Once we started touring the inside, we both became a little disappointed.

The decorations seemed a little outdated. It looked a little like my pediatrician's office!

The ceremony location, however, was beautiful.

My overall opinion...

I wouldn't choose this location for a few reasons.
  • I don't like the idea of having one set option for your ceremony and reception. I like having different options, and pictures that don't look like everybody else's who got married there. I feel like there is little room for individual creativity.
  • The decorations are outdated. I like the more rustic look anyway.
  •  You pay for every little thing. You use everything they have - caterers, cake person, etc. No wiggle room.
Even though Brittany and I both found things we didn't like about the venue, it was good to experience the bad, in order to appreciate what we loved about other venues! 


  1. I agree with the decor. The outdoor gardens are beautiful however!!

  2. You will know the right place when you see it. Wedding planning is a rollercoaster ride but a mighty fun one :) Good luck!! I'll be keeping up!

  3. love this idea of sharing different venues!!

  4. This looks gorgeous on the outside! With some renovations this could be a beautiful spot!

  5. I wish you had done this a year ago when I was planning!! This is going to be awesome for other Georgia brides! We ended up getting married at Che'ne Rouge in Hiram, Ga and it was beautiful, but I agree that pictures can be very deceiving!

  6. My current wedding venue obsession: The Wheeler House in Ballground!

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