Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: The Venues We Almost Picked

Happy Wednesday!
Happy Wedding Wednesday for me and the other brides out there in the world!
With our day being less than two months away, wedding planning has been the main focus for this bride-to-be. 

Speaking of planning, I did a lot of planning when it came to our wedding venue. I was definitely a bride that did her research before visiting venues. If there was anything I didn't like in the pictures on their website, I didn't even bother wasting my time. But even the venues you think you're going to love, have deceptions you would never expect. Some deceptions were appearances, but many were also rules and pricing that came out of nowhere and bit you on your bridal butt.

I shared our not so lovely experiences in previous posts (here & here), simply because half the reason I have this blog is to document my life, including the wedding planning that has consumed the last two years almost. And I'm one of those people that want to document every. little. thing. So the planning that occurred pre-blogging, I still want to have documented somewhere.

The reason I even started reading blogs was because somebody's sister was getting married at a venue that I fell in love with (the venue we ended up picking). So, I followed along and kept reading. If I could ever pay it forward, I hope some other Georgia brides will stumble upon my venue reviews one day and find them helpful like someone did for me unknowingly.

The venues I'm sharing today aren't necessarily venues I didn't like.
In fact, they were in heavy consideration.
But at the end of the day, I picked (and I say "I" because Cody had given up on wedding planning at this point - poor guy) the venue that I felt like fit our relationship the best, I could picture us having the most special day of our lives there, and the price and accommodations were perfect for our budget. 

Here were the runner-ups in the venue search.

The Carl House
Auburn, Georgia

via The Carl House website
The Carl House is a beautiful southern home built in the early 1900's. The home has been restored since the original owners, and now is used for hosting beautiful and elegant weddings.

We visited the Carl House a total of three times!
That's how close we were to picking this as our venue.
I loved it. My mom and sister loved it. Cody even loved it.
The venue is stunning, especially outside on the grounds and garden.

Unfortunately, I don't have my personal pictures anymore to share, but this is a venue I highly recommend taking a peek at. Here are few I snagged from the internet to give you a brief picture of what it's like:;_ylu=X3oDMTBtdXBkbHJyBHNlYwNmcC1hdHRyaWIEc2xrA3J1cmw-/RV=2/RE=1396935453/RO=11/


However, a pre-warning - this is a pricy venue for what you get. The time is limited - they hold two weddings a day. They charge for simple things - like taking the tulle off that's wrapped around the staircase. ($100) The food was mediocre. Typical wedding food in my opinion. 

The good news is, the Carl House holds bridal shows on a regular basis for just a couple bucks per person. 

This was a GREAT way to look around the venue comfortably, meet some of the photographers, DJ's, transportation services, etc. that the Carl House suggests.You're able to sample their food, and you get free stuff! Like this:

The reason we didn't pick the venue?
I felt like every wedding I looked at, looked the same.
I wanted a wedding that I could put our personalities into more.
That reflected us. Not a cookie cutter wedding.

But definitely something I would suggest for any newly bride-to-be!

The Barn at Price Mountain Farm
Pendergrass, Georgia

This rustic wedding venue is located on a 100-acre family farm. 

The barn has an open concept with wood-chip flooring and chandeliers to light the inside.

To the right, is the doorway that leads to the bridal sweet. This is where the bride and bridesmaids would get ready for the day.

 If you go up the staircase, you will find the room where the guys will get ready.
However, the room is not air conditioned, so a summer wedding would require some fans most likely. But the view out is pretty gorgeous!

When we were visiting, they were adding a covered extension to the barn, which I really loved. Georgia weather is so unpredictable, so this was perfect. To the left side of the barn is an already covered smaller extension that would work great for drinks, food, games or extra seating.

My absolute favorite part of the farm is the field with the oak tree.
I always loved wedding ceremonies under a tree, and I just thought this was beautiful.

Why didn't we pick this venue?
The price was decent. It had pretty scenery.
But I just didn't feel like it was "the one."
It didn't seem right.

But I would definitely suggest it for brides looking for their perfect venue.
It might be exactly what you always dreamed of!

Once we visited the next venue, I knew it was the one.
But I'll save that for next week. :)

Here are a couple of venues that I wasn't able to visit for pricing reasons or they weren't around when we were looking:

Newnan, Georgia 
If distance and price wasn't a concern, this would have been my venue.

Athens, Georgia
It's simply stunning. So much southern charm.

Dahlonega, Georgia
Such a cute mountain venue. The ceremony location is really pretty.

Stay tuned for our venue reveal next week!
Happy Wedding Wednesday!

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  1. I love that barn you posted in Pendergrass! My cousin is getting married in April at her own Farm she grew up on. I'm going to have to share that with her to see if they can pay a visit for ideas!

  2. Oh man, a non air-conditioned room would be hot in the summer! I love the first venue as well, I hate that in the wedding business they charge for everything!

  3. I agree, the carl house is like the same wedding over and over and over again, and so impersonal.
    White Oak, Clover leaf, and the wheeler house are currently the top of my dream venues right now. Did you get quotes for white oak and clover leaf?

  4. Both of those venues are gorgeous! Picking a venue was definitely the hardest part for us so far. We had my dream venue that I'd wanted forever, another gorgeous place right on Lake George, and then the one we picked...which was actually just a back up! They were all within $5 of each other and had major pros and only a few cons. Choosing was so hard!! We ended up, like you said, going with the one that we felt the best in and we figured would suit us as a couple. Can't wait to see what you chose!

  5. It's so funny to me to read the word Georgia everywhere HA! We must make a trip to the peach state very soon. And a photo-op with a state sign of course :) Gorgeous venues! Glad you feel completely content with the choice you made!

  6. ahhh I miss this part so so much- I was just thinking that this time last year we starting to really spruce up the yard, get things planted and cut back etc. etc. (mine was at my parent's house last September) ps- you look fabulous lady! So many cute places in GA!

  7. I love the staircase at the first venue, and the barn is just so beautiful! Can't wait to see which venue you chose!

  8. The staircase at the Carl house is GORGEOUS! But I wouldnt want to pay them for taking the tulle off! So I cant wait to see the venue you did pick!

    Love Always,

  9. I've noticed a lot of venues tend to get that same look feeling. It's like wedding after wedding.

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  11. Yeah dear, even I also agree with your article that when we start planning, at same time selection of wedding location venue is very important and your choice is excellent. Anyways I want `to know that how you booked this venue as I am also searching wedding venue.

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