Saturday, June 21, 2014

Guest Post: Brandi @ Raising Kid Clammy

Hey ya'll!  I'm Brandi and I blog over at Raising Kid Clammy.  Since the darling Lauren is off gallivanting on her honeymoon, she is letting me take over today and I am so excited to be here!
Since the theme around here lately has been weddings I thought I would share some pictures and stories from Lauren's wedding - I know you are all dying to know about it.  Unfortunately due to USPS error my invite to the wedding never made it so I wasn't able to attend - but I have no doubt it was incredible!!  So instead I will share some pictures from my wedding and honeymoons.
(Yes I said honeymoon(s) - we had two - and you will soon find out why)

My hubby and I were married in 2006 - October. 
We had an outside wedding (we do live in Southern California) so rain isn't typically a problem.  But oh yes it rained (hey its considered good luck right?).  We were married at my sister and brother-in-law's house.

Yes that is my hubby on crutches.  He broke his heel bone and had surgery three weeks before our wedding.  

Our Bridal Party - Love Them!

We had to cancel our original honeymoon plans because of the foot so we took a few days and headed to Arizona for honeymoon numero uno.


Then in April of the following year we took our real honeymoon to Maui. (Prepare for picture overload - but it was hard to choose and there were more when I started writing this)

Had to make a stop here!
Cruising with the top down!
Loved the sunsets!
Famous "Road to Hana"

Enjoyed a Luau
Did I mention I loved the sunsets?
We went quad riding and got all kinds of muddy.  This was different than what we were used too for riding but we still loved it!
Heading to snorkel!!
We had a wonderful time on our honeymoon and hope someday to go back and do it all over again!

Thanks for having me hope you will stop by the blog sometime!! Lauren - hope your wedding day was everything you hoped and dreamed and more!!  Enjoy your honeymoon! We can't wait for the recaps of it all!
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