Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guest Post: Libby @ Health, Love and Fire

Hi all you Peach State of Mind readers! I'm Libby and I blog over at Health, Love and Fire. Lauren was one of the first bloggers I found a year ago when I started on this little blogging adventure. I have loved getting to know her and watching all her wedding planning come together. I couldn't be happier for the two of them, and admittedly a little jealous of their tropical honeymoon!

While Lauren and Cody are off enjoying their trip, Lauren asked me to entertain you all a bit. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous! (Please tell me I wasn't the only one stalking their hashtag on Instagram) Since they are going on a cruise, and since I just got back from one a few months ago, I decided to share with you some of the things I forgot to pack that I really wish I had.
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1. Awesome pool floaty! This can be used in the ocean on whatever stops you make, or in the pool. (don't get mad at me if everyone on your ship hates you for taking up all the room in the kiddie pool they call and actual pool on the ship) Trust me, everyone else will be totally jealous and you will have the perfect place for a drink holder, to sun bathe, and to take a nap!

 2. Hidden flask! - Alcohol is the way all cruise lines make most of their money. And if you're anything like me, you're looking to save money in any way possible. I don't know about you, but spending $50 per day for your drinks sound a little steep to me! So trust me, you won't regret bringing some of your own! (unless you get caught, in which case, I didn't give you this little piece of advice)

3. Ball gown - once you graduate high school and after you get married, the number of times you can acceptably wear an ultra-fancy dress are fairly limited. Why not go all out on your cruise formal nights and pretend you're going to prom? They have all the photographers lined up to take your picture, and you'll probably never again seen any of those people in your life, live it up! (And I can almost guarantee you won't be the most ridiculously dressed person there, even in your prom dress!)

4. Giant Hat - By day 5 or 6, you've probably either gotten far too much sun, or are a bit too hungover for all that sun in your face on the lido deck or beach. This hat will not only hide any lobster-esk skin color or hungover haze, but it will also hide your face from everyone who saw you in that cinderella ball gown the night before. Give them a day and some other drunk cruiser will make a bigger scene than you did the night before and you'll be yesterdays news. Unless you made it on the cruise video, then you're a part of their vacation memories forever (in this case you may need to forgo the hat and wear the halloween mask you stowed away for such an event).

5. 90's Fanny Pack - Because who doesn't want to rock a fanny pack and look like your back on an episode of Saved By The Bell? It will make you look even more touristy than you'll already look with the other 5,000 people roaming around wearing t-shirts advertising the last island you visited. Plus it gives you somewhere to store your money, underwater camera, and flask! (For the record, I didn't even drink that much on our cruise cause the sun wore me out too much! Apparently I'm getting old!)

6. Tracking Device - If you've ever been on a cruise before, you'll totally agree with me that those cruise ships are  a floating maze! Some decks you can walk from one end to the other, others only go from the front to the middle, some elevators don't go to certain floors, other areas are "off limits" (whatever that means). Whatever the situation may be, you'll get lost! (and you don't even need to have dementia or get drunk to end up that way!) By the time you finally figure out your way around and which floors get you where, it will be time to disembark and go home. But worry no more, just pack your tracking device for yourself and the rest of your party, and you never have to worry about loosing your kids, parents or husband again! (this also works if you want to hide from them, you'll always know where they are). Plus, you don't want to be one of THOSE people who carry around the walkie-talkies that don't really work that well or that you can't understand unless you have the volume turned all the way up.
Hopefully some of these items will help you out on the next cruise you take. It's never any fun to end up on vacation wishing you had brought something that's sitting at home in your closet (but we've all been there haven't we ladies). And I'm sure I'm not the only one who's gotten on a cruise, seen what other people had thought of and said to herself "gosh I wish I had thought of that!" So have fun, live it up, and don't worry cause you'll never see these people again. Note: Don't go too wild because I hear they do have "mini jails" on cruise ships :). But if you need someone to bail you out, give me a call. I'll happily fly to a tropical island to bail you out! Keep that in mind Lauren!

Thanks Lauren for having me today and I hope you and Cody have an awesome honeymoon! I'd love to hear from any of you, so please hop over and visit my blog, or find me on one or all of my social media accounts!
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