Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Guest Post: Lindsey @ Bliss and Blunders

Hey Ya'll! 
My name is Lindsey and I blog over at Bliss and Blunders! I am SO excited to be here at Peach State of Mind with my bloggy friend Lauren! It has been so fun to get to know her better and follow along as she prepared for her wedding!! While this lovely lady is on her honeymoon with her hubby I am going to share with you some of my favorite dates that I have had with my hubby!

Jordan and I love to be creative with our dates and we have had some great ones through the years. Here are some of our favorites!

Community Play or Dessert Theater

This is usually a pretty cheap date since tickets are inexpensive. Plus, it is fun to sit back and relax and enjoy a live show! I really love the dessert theater in our area because every act you get a different kind of dessert! That is my idea of a great date!

Day Trip to a Cute Town

We love driving to cute little towns a couple hours away and exploring the local shops, restaurants and all the sights in the area. It is fun to try new places and small towns usually have the best and most quaint spots!

Take a Hike and Have a Picnic

This was such a fun date! We ate a delicious picnic lunch and then enjoyed the beautiful trails and hills in the area! It was a great adventure since we didn't usually know where we were. It didn't matter as long as we were together!

Build a Fort

We did this for the first time on Valentines Day and it was a blast! It was so fun coming up with ideas on how to build our fort and then it was so cozy hanging out inside of it while watching a movie and eating our ice cream and brownies. 


Go to a coffee shop, get your favorite drink and play board games!! Ahh...we love board games. I so enjoy the coziness of a cute coffee shop and the sweet competition that ensues with these games!


There is nothing quite like going to a baseball games in the summer. You can't beat the hot dogs, cheering, and home runs! It is one of the best places to people watch too! Get tickets for an MLB team or watch a little league game at the local park. All of it is fun!

We both love music and being outside so an outdoor concert is the best of both worlds! I think it is such a relaxing and romantic date. Look at your local paper or town website for possible concerts in your area!

I hope you enjoy all of these date ideas! I love my date nights with my husband and I love having variety with them! What are your favorite date nights with your man? 

Thanks again to sweet Lauren for letting me join her at Peach State of Mind! I can't wait to hear all about her amazing honeymoon when she gets back! 

Stop by and say hello any time at Bliss and Blunders

Have a beautiful day! 

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  1. Love these ideas! One of our favs to go to every year is Christmas at the Zoo!

  2. Thanks SO much for letting me guest post Lauren!!! Hope your honeymoon is WONDERFUL! :) Have a great day girl!!

  3. A dessert theater?!! That sounds amazing - I need to see if there is one near by me!! :) :)