Monday, June 16, 2014

Guest Post: Rachel @ Sharp Elbows and Knees

Hey everyone! Rachel here over at sharp elbows and knees. I am guest blogging for my girl Lauren today while she's off gallivanting on her honeymoon! (Lucky her :))
I am sticking with the theme of love. It's on my mind a lot these days since I will be taking the marriage plunge in November.
I spent a lot of my 20s looking for someone to fit a perfect mold for me, or what I thought my idea of the perfect mold should be (I'll be 30 in October). And I realize how unbelievably cliche this sounds, but I found the love of my life when I essentially stopped looking for him.
I never truly understood the meaning of "you have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else." When I was single I remember people kept telling me that and I would think "yeah yeah, I DO love myself and I love my life, why can't I find the right person to love?" But now it all makes sense. Because I'd like to add an addendum to that saying.
"You have to learn to love yourself before you can love someone else; and the person meant for you will help you love yourself even more."
I love who I am when I am with Brian. I am truly my best self. In hindsight, he is the first person I was ever able to be 100% myself around. Insecurities, vulnerability and all. And shouldn't that be what a relationship is all about? Seeing someone for who they really are and loving them anyways. He encourages and inspires me in ways I never thought would be possible. He supports me and lifts me up. He makes me laugh and we just have so much fun together. And I'd like to think I do the same for him.
So if you're looking for love, or you are lucky enough to have already found it, hold on tight, cherish it and nourish it. It is the greatest gift you will ever receive. I can't wait to marry mine in November.

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  1. Love this!! And it is very true - as soon as you stop looking, they come!

    1. So true - and so funny you had a similar post yesterday about when you and your hubby met!

  2. Love this post!! And it really is true, you usually end up finding the perfect person when you least expect it! (& sometimes it is even in an unexpected person... i.e. someone you have been friends with for years but never really considered as a boyfriend). Sounds like you and Brian are perfect for each other!! And so exciting about your upcoming November nuptials... fall really is the best time to get married (but I may be biased since I just got married this past October!)