Monday, April 23, 2018


Sometimes it's easy to forget that they're just little. 
 And that these little people have so much to learn and experience. 
That so many of the little things in life we don't think twice about, are so very important to them. 

Like dirt, for example.

We've walked this path several times.
It's a quiet little dirt road behind Cody's parent's house, lined with big, beautiful trees, cows and horses, and the prettiest rolling hills in the distance. It's one of my favorite places to take pictures. But typically, I don't think much about the dirt and gravel. Actually, I thought about it this day in particular, because it was annoyingly filling my sandals up since they just turned it up, unpacking it from the ground. This day there was no light grey contrast for my pictures either. It was brown and well, dirty looking.

As I thought how annoyed I was with the dirt, Harper decided to take a liking to it.
Even more so than the horses she had begged to see for the past two hours. Despite the horses and the cows being relatively close to the fence this day, she couldn't keep her hands out of the dirt. Even though at first I saw the brown dirt and gravel as nuisance, I quickly realized that this moment didn't need pretty social media perfect pictures and a little dirt was never going to hurt me, my sandals, or my two-year old. A two-year old who needs these kinds of experiences. 

So this day, we didn't care much for the horses or prettiness of a "perfect" picture. We cared about making memories and learning - something that is way more meaningful and real. We remembered to soak up time together, see the beauty in all of nature, and remembered that being clean is sometimes a little overrated. 

Monday, April 9, 2018

Easter 2018 | Number Two

Back to work today after a sweet little Spring Break, and I'm dreaming of our Easter weekend - still.
It was just simple and relaxing, but really fun. And I say this with every holiday, but holidays are just so much more enjoyable when you can experience them through the eyes of a child. 

Harper didn't quite understand the 'Easter Bunny' concept - which she totally got the Santa Claus concept, but I attribute that to watching the movie The Santa Clause 500 times before the actual day of Christmas. There aren't many Easter Bunny movies to watch that many times, so it was more so of us telling her, and her looking at us with big, blank, blue eyes. Maybe next year! She did love her Easter basket from the Easter bunny though. :) She especially loved the paint set and her Bobbie - Barbie in non-toddler jibberish. And she almost immediately put on her jellies, which made my 90's child heart very, very happy.

We spent actual Easter day with my family - my sister's birthday was the following day - so we did a combo of the two with everyone. The weather could not have been more perfect - considering it's been such a roller coaster recently. It was warm and sunny and the absolute perfect day to spend outside. Harper attempted an Easter egg hunt, but yet again, she had better things to worry about. :) We had yummy food outside under the trees, and followed it up with cake and ice cream for the birthday girl. The weekend as a whole was absolutely perfect.