Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bumpdate || Nineteen

How far along: 19 weeks

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: A mango - 6 inches, 8.5 ounces.

Symptoms: Really can't complain about symptoms this week. Acne seems to have gotten better, but still present. Stuffy nose morning and night, but I can deal. Some round ligament pain. But not too much of anything else - keeping my fingers crossed!

Gender: A precious little girl. You can check out our gender reveal party here.

Name: Thinking we've made the decision. Haven't really finalized anything or decided to announce it yet. Still making sure it's the one. Saying it a lot to make sure it sounds good too!

Movement: Movements are more at night than during the day. Some days its more than others, and some days I don't feel much at all (which kinda worries me when I don't feel much).

Nursery: Still on the hunt for the perfect crib. Debating how much we want to spend. I have a feeling we're just going to have to pick one and be done with it. I found a dresser that's a good price that'll I'll probably go with. And I think I have a color scheme in mind. Once we have the gender confirmed on Monday at our ultrasound, I'll feel better about making some nursery decisions! 

Maternity Clothes: I'm giving in finally to maternity clothes by ordering some online. It's like I've been boycotting for the last 15 weeks, but it really just hasn't been too desperately needed thanks to my lazy summer wardrobe. I tried on dresses that used to be pretty loose and then I just end up feeling like a sausage. My tummy isn't the only thing growing - butt, boobs and thighs are having a field day with this whole pregnancy thing. But I still wouldn't change it for the world.

Sleep: No problems sleeping at all. Taking advantage of my summer sleeping schedule for a few more days since it'll really be the last summer of sleeping in however long I want to. The days I work in my classroom especially make for an extra good sleeping night.  

Best Moment This Week: Celebrating my sweet little peanut, Luke, at his birthday party this past Saturday. It was great seeing Brittany and watching her sweet little belly grow!

Missing Anything: DUH. Sandwiches!

Cravings/Aversions: I crave things and then I have it and I don't want it anymore. It becomes a little repulsing. Like the chicken salad and Greek salads I made for lunch this week. Not feeling it anymore. There's really nothing in particular I'm dying to have anymore.

Health/Exercise: Eating pretty good. Aside from my ice cream the last couple of nights... 

Mood: EXCITED about our little girl. Getting a little sad about going back to me spoiled.

Husband: Still excited we're having a little girl. Excited about our next doctor's appointment!

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound on MONDAY! We have an appointment with a specialist to check to make sure that baby girl is still a baby girl, and making sure she's healthy and growing strong. We can't wait to see her sweet little face!!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bumpdate || Eighteen

How far along: 18 weeks

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: A sweet potato! Holy potato. Almost 6 inches, not quite.

Symptoms: I'm adding swollen ankles (yay for kankles - not.) and puffy looking feet to my symptom list this week. I worked pretty diligently in my classroom the other day and I think I may have been on my feet too much, hence the kankles. Acne like a preteen. Stuffy nose morning and evening. A couple afternoons of nausea. And a tummy feeling really full, tight and just LARGE.

Gender: My sweet little GIRL. :) You can check out our gender reveal party here.

Name: After several opinions (all nice ones, but opinions nonetheless) about the two names we had narrowed down for our sweet baby girl, I kinda wanted to find something different and not tell anybody until it was final. Feeling a little hopeless, Cody and I found a couple names we really love and are now leaning towards those. Once they're final, we'll let the world know!

Movement: Her movements are still random - usually when I'm hungry, have eaten or in the evenings when I'm relaxing and calm. Some days it's more than others. She should be getting stronger and stronger each day!

Nursery: We visited Pottery Barn Kids over the weekend, which of course left me dying to start on her nursery. We've been really trying to pick out a crib that we like, and I'm wondering if I should look into the low profile crib at Pottery Barn since I'm pretty short. I know when they first start in the crib the mattress is raised higher, which I can easily reach. I'm just worried about when baby girl gets bigger and the mattress needs to be lowered so we don't end up with a dare devil of a baby.  

Maternity Clothes: This whole body of mine is OUT OF CONTROL. Trying on my regular clothes is pretty darn depressing. Cody's sweet cousin let me borrow some of her maternity tops, which I couldn't have been more thankful for. And I plan on doing some shopping before school starts.

Sleep: Not the best. Flipping and turning a lot to get comfortable.  

Best Moment This Week: Maybe deciding on a name?! Eeek!

Missing Anything: I don't even need to say it.

Cravings/Aversions: Chicken salad. Greek salads.

Health/Exercise: Working in my classroom for six hours was plenty for me.

Mood: So excited to be having a girl still! Happy for the most part! 

Husband: Always talking about what kind of dad he'll be to our sweet girl. Excited to feel her move, even though we have a few weeks until she's strong enough. 

Looking Forward To: Watching this belly grow. We have our 20 week anatomy ultrasound in a couple weeks, so although I don't want summer break to end, I sure do want this appointment to hurry and get here! I can't wait to see her little face in detail!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bumpdate || Seventeen

How far along: 17 weeks

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: Turnip - about 5 inches, 5 ounces

Symptoms: Still stuffy in the morning and evening. Headaches seemed to have tempered down for now. Lower abdominal muscle pain occasionally - I'm pretty sure this belly is going to be growing a bunch here soon. One case of a bloody nose, but hasn't happened since. My least favorite symptom of all is all of this ACNE. Just go away. :(

Gender: A sweet, precious little GIRL!!! I still don't believe it, I really don't. But I sure do love saying "her" now instead of "it!" You can check out our gender reveal party here.

Name: Well now that we know we're having a GIRL - we're debating between a few. It's a really big deal so I don't want us to pick the wrong one. :)

Movement: Yes! I started feeling her last Friday evening after seeing her wiggle around on the ultrasound screen and I kinda started putting two and two together. I kinda figured I'd feel her sooner rather than later since she is growing almost a week ahead of schedule. But I love it! I've noticed the most movement in the evenings.

Nursery: I never thought I'd be decorating a girl nursery, but I absolutely LOVE the thought of it. We're trying to look into cribs here recently. 

Maternity Clothes: I haven't given in yet, but my summer break wardrobe has it's days numbered since I'll be headed back to school in a few weeks.

Sleep: No problems sleeping here. 


Doctor's Appointment: We had a doctor's appointment last Thursday to listen to the heartbeat. We could hear here wiggling all around on the Doppler before we heard the heartbeat, which was 155. She's a wild woman. :)

Missing Anything: Need I even say it? Sub sandwiches. I don't want a hot sandwich, I want a COLD one. Only because I can't have it of course.

Cravings/Aversions: I've been dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying for a Greek salad. I'm really liking cold veggies - cucumbers, celery, radishes, red peppers. I could eat pizza as much as possible too. I'm not thrilled about grilled chicken still.

Health/Exercise: I plan on getting back to my walking schedule here soon. It sounds terrible, but planning our gender reveal and stressing out over our reveal box totally knocked me on my butt, so I've been resting a lot. I did spend the day yesterday working in my classroom, so I'm not completely sitting on my butt.

Mood: Not as moody as I have been this week, probably cause I'm SO excited to know that we're having a little girl!!! EEEK! SO HAPPY!

Husband: Completely ecstatic to be having a little girl! Definitely getting a little protective of her already. I'm pretty sure he feels extremely blessed for her already like I do.

Looking Forward To: More kicks and wiggles as baby girl gets stronger. And weirdly enough - getting back to my classroom and getting my plans together for the beginning of school. (I'll regret that come August, I'm sure)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Our Gender Reveal Party

Last Sunday was THE day.
We found out if we were going to have a little boy or a little girl!

We scheduled our gender determination ultrasound last Friday, and planned our party for Sunday since Saturday was a holiday. Cody and I (well me, really because Cody wanted to know then) chose to wait to find out what Baby C was with our family and friends. Talk about two days of torture.

Our sweet new neighbors so kindly took our envelope and our box and filled it with the right color for us to open on Sunday. I couldn't be more grateful that they took on the challenge and really did it without hesitation. We love their little family already!

Although the party turned out to be a lot bigger than I first imagined, we kept it easy with simple decorations and snacks. I didn't want to go too crazy, but was really pleased with how everything turned out. Shout out to my mom and sister for helping with everything throughout the week and shout out to my hubby for busting butt in the yard! Everything turned out to be so cute and wonderful.

Guests arrived around two, so we enjoyed an hour of snacking and socializing before the big reveal. We had so many loved ones show up, and it shows just how loved our little peanut already is. 

Cody and I went with a confetti/balloon box to reveal the gender just to do something a little different. I honestly stressed out about this box for days and was SO nervous before we opened it. I didn't want a tiny little piece of confetti to fall out and ruin the surprise and I definitely didn't want the box to not open at all when we went to pull the strings! But luckily, all worries were put to rest because when the big moment came, we pulled the strings and out fell the most beautiful pink confetti and balloons I had ever seen!

Shocked was a complete understatement, because I expected to see blue fall to the ground for the longest time. I was convinced this baby was a boy, but am SO excited (and still shocked honestly) that we're going to have a little girl. I don't think it's really sunk in yet.
After we shocked our family and friends with pink, we spent another hour or two sharing in the excitement of a little girl come this December. Cody and I feel so blessed and lucky to have been picked to be this little girl's parents already. We can't wait to meet her this winter!