Monday, April 24, 2017

Toddler In Athens

Getting a toddler out of the house can be exciting, trying so many new things.
But kinda terrifying at the same time, I've learned.

I want Harper to experience things, experience life.
But part of me is always worried about how she will do, what thing will she melt down about, is she gonna hate it. I guess there's some fun in the mystery. :)

So, I thought it would be fun to take Harper to Athens for the G-Day Spring practice game. It's free so I wasn't worried about wasting money on a ticket if she got to hot or melted down and we had to leave after ten minutes. I wanted to get her out, let her try something new, and hang out with her fellow babe Nora too.

And even though didn't make it through the entire game, she did make it about 20 minutes or so inside the stadium in the hot sun. Which I consider a win. Originally, I wanted to just take her out, walk her around in the shade, give her a break. But she was having way too much fun outside of the stadium and in the bookstore, so we decided 20 minutes was good enough.

She totally impresses us every day.
I should probably give her more credit and stop being so worried all the dang time.
But toddler life can be so unexpected, but pretty darn fun too.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Senoia for Two

Surprises are the very best when they are completely and totally unexpected.
I mean, sometimes you can kinda figure out surprises, but when you are completely shocked, it's the best. :)

Cody and I took a day on my Spring Break to have a day date together.
We dropped Harper off at school, and hit the road.
He didn't tell me where we were going. I kinda assumed we would drive around, find something to do and just have fun together. But he had a specific place in mind, and I was just along for the ride.

That's what's really great about him.
Throughout our relationship he's always planning fun little random trips, and it's fun just the two of us no matter what we're doing. 

After driving about an hour and half, we start passing through this cute little town and he stops.
He asked me if I noticed anything.
You sure?
Yeah, just some metal wall and houses....OH.

Metal wall - really, really long metal wall - town inside metal wall - gate with security tower to get into town with metal wall. 

It was Alexandria!

Any Walking Dead fans out there??
Alexandria, the fictional little town surrounded by a metal wall to keep all those zombies out!
And the little town of Senoia right outside?
That's Woodbury - part of the show too!

How cool, right!?

I was shocked and excited.
We parked the car in this perfect little southern town, and just walked and looked at this set, this town that we've seen SO many times on TV in real life. It was pretty incredible. 

We spent some time being typical Walking Dead geeks. 
We even went into the Walking Dead store - AND - say Rick himself walking around town. 
(Just kidding - some guy pretending to be Rick, but literally looked exactly like him)

We ended up eating lunch at Nick and Normans - Norman Reedus' restaurant downtown.
After lunch we did some shopping around town, found the cutest little alley way, and just enjoyed the day together before heading back to pick up our girl.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Easter was spent going to church, the fun of watching Harper look through what the Easter Bunny dropped off, and with Cody's family hunting eggs and yummy food. Harper was a pro egg hunter once again, and we had a fun adult Easter egg hunt that was quite entertaining - and maybe a little serious at times. :) We even got the news that Cody's cousin was expecting his first baby with his sweet wife. It was one special Easter!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Hip Hip Hop

We celebrated Easter early with my family, and it was literally one of the best days.
I blogged - way back when - that after my grandfather passed away, we were going to have to move my grandmother out of their house and sell their home that housed so many of childhood and even adult memories. You can check out the post H E R E of our four generations pictures before the house was going to be sold.

But I never think I actually shared that we didn't sell the house at all.
Well, we did - BUT! - my parents bought my grandparents house instead.
So now, traditions continue, but new ones will get to be made.
It was a huge part of my childhood, and I'm THRILLED that it now gets to be for Harper.
I bring it up becuase this was probably one of the first official holidays celebrated over there with my parents and Harper, so it made it even more special.

We had dinner, Easter dessert, and Harper went on her very FIRST Easter egg hunt - and let me just say - totally rocked it. We showed her a couple of times how to put her eggs in her basket and BOOM. Instant egg hunter professional.