Monday, November 6, 2017

Washington Farms

Our newest fall tradition includes a trip to Washington Farms to get a pumpkin or two before Halloween. It's the closest patch to us, and really - even if it wasn't, we would go anyway because we love it so much. 

Last year was our first time going with Harper, so we made it a priority again this year. Since last fall she was just a tiny little tot, she didn't really get the whole concept of pumpkin patching. But I was hopeful that this year she would be all about pumpkins and picking one out. That is - if she took a nap that day. 

But in true toddler form, the day you have something fun planned, all naps are strongly prohibited. And because Harper was a 'No Nap Ninja' - Harper wasn't all about that pumpkin life. She more so about that - "I do what I want when I want" life and "I don't need no stinkin' pumpkin" life. :)

She loved wandering around though, especially down the isles of the blackberry vines they have ready for summer. She liked the sunflowers too, which were beautiful again this year. 
But you know what she was all about - riding in the wheelbarrow.
Which made for some pretty good laughs and fun. 

Until next Spring, Washington Farms.
We're already counting down until strawberry season. :)

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall Break

I vote that everybody should get a Fall Break.
What do we say?

This has been my second year with a Fall Break since switching counties last year, and I have to say - it always comes at the perfect time. I SO needed a mental break from work and the everyday hustle and bustle of our norm. And more importantly, I needed some time with my blue-eyed babes. Yep, both of them. Cody planned his vacations this year to have that week off also, so we were able to knock out a few things around the house, start on a big house project, and head to the mountains for a getaway with Harps. 

Here's how it went down.

Fall Festival

We had a Fall Festival the first Friday evening of break at my school that I had to attend to for a little while, but for the rest of the time, I got to experience it with Harper. Both her grammies came - Mimi & Gigi - which was fun. She loved watching the animals in the petting zoo - of course -  time with her school bestie, Hayden, and sucked Mimi into some shaved iced.

Pumpkin Patch

I squeezed in a little bit of solo shopping, which was nice. And then we hit up one of our favorite pumpkin patches around with my family. Harper decided she wasn't all about that napping life, so by the time we ended up at the pumpkin patch, she had very strong opinions about what she wanted and didn't want to do. But hey, she looked cute, so I'll take it.

Big Girl Room

We decided to start transitioning one of our guest bedrooms into a big girl room for Harper as a birthday present. Lord knows this child has enough toys, and really - I feel like she needs a space that she can enjoy, play in, and grow with her. The thought of a second baby isn't on our radar right now, but I'd rather slowly be able to transition her into sleeping in a big girl bed and be okay if we have setbacks, rather than feeling like we're on a time frame whenever we do decide that having a second child is on our radar.

Cody and I cleaned out the room completely, painted, and set up her tepee in there over the break, bought the cutest rug ever, and let me tell you - the girl is obsessed with going in that room already.

Iced Coffee & Muffins

Ok, so confession. I don't like coffee.
Well, I thought I didn't. I even tried several times to like coffee, but couldn't make myself like it.
Until I had a craving for it over fall break. I tried to avoid it, but Cody brought me home an iced coffee one morning, and I was hooked. Hooked to the point where I had one every day. Along with an Ingles muffin, and I swear - I probably gained five pounds off of iced coffee and giant muffins.


We spent a day together as a family, and headed to the mountains for a little day trip. We had been to Helen in awhile, or at least walked around the cute little town since we got married a few years ago. We had lunch by the river, walked in and out of shops, and promised Harper an ice cream cone which she devoured. She even ate it from top to bottom, which is pretty good considering that's not how it went down the first time she had one. :)

Cody and I have a special spot we always go to up there that we've been going to since we started dating, so we decided to take Harper up there too. Harper tried to skip rocks like her daddy, but it was really just a lot of rocks plopping into the river. We ended the night with dinner at our favorite sushi place in Dahlonega too.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cookies & Milk | Halloween

Another Halloween in the books with a little munchkin in tow, and we've just come to realize that holidays are way more exciting when you get to experience it with a child. And you know what - maybe even a little more stressful, but I'm pretty sure the good outweighs the bad 99.9% of the time. 

Harper didn't quite get the meaning of Halloween, although we practiced saying "trick-or-treat" about a million and one times before the actual day of tricking and treating. Although, in toddler Harper terms it sounded more like "trick treat" with a cheesy, dimply grin. Nonetheless, we picked out a costume - mama wasn't feeling the creative juices this Halloween, so thank you Target - and Cody won the title "Dairy Dad of the Year" with his accompanying costume. *see pictures below*

I pretty much painted the perfect little picture of Harper toodling around the neighborhood with her cute little costume and sassy little boots. The pictures were going to be adorable, and maybe, just maybe - a little "trick treat" to a neighbor or two. But really, I should have known better, and maybe should have painted the complete opposite picture in my head because that's pretty much how Halloween number #2 went down. Duh, right?

The cookie costume was strongly protested - how we managed to get one picture is a complete Halloween miracle. Instead, Paw-Paw and others managed to wear the cookie while the trick-or-treating toddler rolled around on our dirty car looking more like a mechanic now than a chocolate chip cookie. And girlfriend walked right up to most houses we stopped at, knew the whole deal with opening up her bag, gladly accepting the candy, but after all that practicing of "trick treat" - our now mechanic was too shy to bother. 

But honestly, the painted picture in my head wasn't ruined.
A new picture was painted, and it was just as adorable and precious. She was happy as can be, she soaked in the moments, and really loved having her grandparents and aunt Whitney and Kevin there. She loved the pizza, chips, cupcakes, and Smarties from her candy bag for dinner. 

And although we didn't get a "trick treat" outta the girl - we did get a lot of...
"You got it duuuuuude."
Which was pretty fitting since she channeled her inner Michelle Tanner for her costume at school that day. :)

Monday, October 30, 2017


The end of summer was hot and sticky, but full of sunflower fields which made us very, very happy.
Ashley and I had been eyeing these local sunflower fields for awhile, and knew we had to go visit and snag some pictures too.

Earlier that day, I experienced the ultimate #momfail when Harper found a bottle of hot pink nail polish, and attempted to paint her toes and then carrying the opened bottle upside down through the bathroom and bedroom. She had hot pink feet, a doctor's appointment early that afternoon, and a mama with nerves completely shot. Needless to say, I was super worried with how the pictures and trip to the sunflower fields would go that evening. But honestly, I was the one more worked up than her and she was cute as can be. 

Ashley was wonderful as always, and took some of my most favorite pictures of our little family. We're completely spoiled by her, and wish I could make it up to her and repay the favor - my photography skills aren't nearly as sharp as hers. So, thank you again Ashley. We love them more than you know.