Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday: L+C {Year One}

Well, I have to say that I was glad to see somebody bring back the Throwback Thursday link-up. I love sharing things from my pre-blogging day, and it's always fun to reminisce on the past. So thanks to Ashley over at A Thousand Words. :)

I've been feeling a little nostalgic recently about Cody and mine's relationship.
We're about to celebrate five years of dating next month, and it just seems way too hard to believe. To think about how far we've come, the high's and low's of our relationship, and to think where we're headed in just three short

So for my amusement, and maybe yours because these pictures are somewhat extremely embarrassing, I want to revisit the last five years of us dating as we inch closer to the day we finally make it official!

Today, I'm looking back to year number one...
When everything was new and exciting.
Back when we were just 19 year old babies. :)
Lord help us...

Technically...Cody & I met on Facebook.
But we don't like to say that...Can you blame us?
Really, we had a mutual friend that introduced us, but we started talking on Facebook.
The social media site that we both don't even have anymore.

And I still remember our profile pictures...

 We "casually" dated for about a month before we made it official!

And we were 19 & dumb, so we of course sent lots of lame selfies. :)

But even though I was away at college for the majority of our first year together, we survived by spending as much time as possible together on the weekends and during the summer.

Look at those ripped stylish.


Family gatherings, sporting events, birthdays. There we were...

And our last Valentine's Day wrapped up our year almost...

Funny how we've changed. Looks wise. How we even dressed!
What in the world will the next five years look like!? 
I should probably be scared after looking at these pictures again. :) 

Happy almost Friday! 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back When It Snowed That Second Time

I know, I know.
I'm posting about two week old snow pictures.
Especially after I complain about it not being spring on a daily basis.
How contradicting of me.
But you see, there's this certain old lady that I call my Nannie, and she's an avid reader of Peach State of Mind. And well, I've promised to keep her updated on my life and daily doings. Even if they're two weeks late. ;)

 So, as you've all heard one or two million times from all the southern blogs you follow, a couple weeks ago, we had yet another winter storm hit the south.
Which if you've lived down south at any point in your life, it's rare to get one winter storm, much less, two. So in order to document this rarity, I feel the need to take a million pictures of the same snow and ice covered objects because the next time it'll snow that much again, Lord only knows. It's all about documenting people. Doc-u-ment-ing. 

So if you feel the need to bore yourself, I mean enjoy my late, snowy, oh crap it's still winter pictures, props to you. I owe you one. But if you don't, I know one cool grandma that will. :)

The week of the storm, we had school Monday. I knew a storm was coming, but I really didn't think it would knock us out of school for the next four days. 
[Now we're making it up by staying at school 30 minutes longer a day...not thrilled]

Our heat was kinda finicky that week, so we decided to head to my mom's house for a few days with our pups. You know, stay warm inside, eat not so healthy food & drinks & watch the news over and over and over again because that's what southerners do when it snows/ices.

As it turned out, we got almost two inches of just sleet. SLEET. TWO INCHES. You can't make sleetmen. You can't make sleet angles. It was crap. Slippery sleety crap. If we're going to get winter precipitation, I want some snow. The one inch layer of snow on top of the two inches of sleet was laaaame. 




But I couldn't resist hamming it up with Maci outside. #crazydogmom

Obviously the wind blew A LOT. And Maci's face just cracked me up in these.

My dog likes to wear her sweaters scandalously apparently.

Luckily, Cody and I were able to head back to our house a little farther north where we had at least five inches of powdery snow. :) Muuuuch better for this southern girl.
Cody and I enjoyed it for awhile, then spent the rest of the days off with our pups on the couch wrapping up our S.O.A. Netflix marathon. :)

It really has been a fun winter. One that we don't have too often.
This girl is ready for spring though. 
But I bet you already knew I was going to say that. ;)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wishing It Was Spring

We had another family/friend get-together this weekend for really no reason at all.
It was the perfect weekend to do so too, because the weather was beyond perfect for February. 
To say that I have spring fever would be an understatement. 
It's a full on disease at this point.

We get together a lot in my family, and it's normally always a fun time.
We headed over to my mom's Saturday afternoon for some grilling out.
We ate a lot of yummy food [not Weight Watchers friendly at all], did a lot of talking and hanging out, and met a very cute new addition named Gunner.
Here's what it looked like:

Enjoy your Monday y'all. :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five On Friday

It's me. The lazy girl.
I told y'all how lazy I was on Monday, and obviously it proved to be true since I was a failure at blogging this week. I really just didn't feel like it. And honestly, this week and 24 second graders have kicked my butt. Getting back into a normal person routine has been difficult, and I know those of you who rarely get a vacation from work want to shoot me. 
Don't blame you. :)

Anyway - it's back to linking up with the Christina & the ladies for Five on Friday!


One of my goals for February was to start eating healthy & setting up a workout plan.
Well last week, I joined Weight Watchers.
Hey, if Jessica Simpson can do it, I can too! Right?

 Weight has always been a struggle for me, and eating healthy has been a rollercoaster. 
I'm not one to eat terrible, but I do make poor choices many times.
Which has shown up as a 15lb weight gain since I graduated college.
I'm hoping by joining weight watchers I can take more accountability for my eating habits.
After just one week of using weight watchers, I've realized so many of the "small" things I would snack on, or add to meals add up way more than I realized.
No wonder I've gained 15lbs...
As for working out, I haven't set up a "plan" yet, but I'm moving a lot more than I was and that's what matters. Cody has been awesomely supportive with helping me this week - cooking dinner while I'm running, working out on the elliptical beside me at the gym, & being very encouraging and positive. Just more reasons why I love him. :)


What a difference a week can make.
This Georgia weather has me going crazy.

Snow & ice last week...

...and 70 degrees this week.

...And thunderstorms this morning. 

Now, I'm not complaining about these temps. 
But lord knows it's not going to stay.
My case of spring fever just sky rocketed this week.
Only in the south...


So, I haven't been as open about this like I am with college football...But I'm a big NASCAR fan. It's true. I like those cars that turn left and go real fast.
It's the Superbowl of NASCAR this weekend y'all & that's the Daytona 500!
I'm super excited and pumped for this!


 We just can't decide on a honeymoon.
We're trying not to break the bank with this, but still want to go somewhere nice.
We're pretty much set on a cruise at this point.
I like the idea of going to more than one place.
Plus, we won't have to fly anywhere (we can drive to a port in Florida), which will save money and prevent Cody from having a nervous breakdown. ;)

We're considering a 7-day cruise, which stops in Belize (one of my dream places), but are not sure if we should book a balcony room, room with a window, or inner room.
Am I going to feel claustrophobic in a room with no window, even though it's over $100 cheaper? Is a balcony really worth it? Or will a window do us justice?

So all my professional cruisers - HELP.
What do y'all suggest?

Oops. How did that get on here...


So - we kinda have some big news.
I've been saving the best for last!
No. Not pregnant. Already engaged. Not buying a house. Yet.

But for us, this was huge news, that was completely unexpected and life changing.

Last Wednesday, Cody got a call from his boss.
We knew in order for us to buy a house by the end of the year, we would have to make some big changes financially and honestly, we weren't sure how it was going to all work. 
Our plan was to save. save. and save.

We're still going to be saving. saving. saving. but...
A dream come true.
An answered prayer.
Couldn't be more proud of him.

So needless to say, buying our first home may come sooner than we think.
Less stress on how we're going to go about saving money. 
But it's still something we're going to keep going strong with.
And I couldn't be more excited about what the future may hold. :)

Happy Friday y'all!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Lazy Girl Back to Work

Is it safe to say that I really haven't worked a solid schedule since December?
I'm going to say yes.

Half of December we had our winter break, somewhat worked into the beginning of January.
We had a holiday for MLK day, & then Georgia was knocked on it's butt by winter storm number one. So why on earth was I thinking February was going to finally kick off a solid month of work, finally getting me and my kids back on our normal schedule? Mother nature had a different idea apparently.

Last week was completely wiped out by yet another winter storm.
What state do I even live in anymore...
 We had school on Monday, and enjoyed yet another super long weekend the rest of the week. 

So after a six day mini-vacation from work, on top of not really working a solid week since December, do I feel like going back to work? #no.
 I have enjoyed being a lazy bum way too much.

The dreaded 4:30am alarm, the hour drive to work & countless papers to be graded have me wishing for another winter storm. But I keep reminding myself - the more days we miss, the more we have to make up. 

So needless to say, this teacher will be putting on her big girl panties and heading to work, as much as her lazy behind doesn't want to. And now we'll be counting down the days until summer vacation. :)

But of course, I'll be missing my time with this sweet girl while I'm charging through this lazy girl's Monday.

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