Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back When It Snowed That Second Time

I know, I know.
I'm posting about two week old snow pictures.
Especially after I complain about it not being spring on a daily basis.
How contradicting of me.
But you see, there's this certain old lady that I call my Nannie, and she's an avid reader of Peach State of Mind. And well, I've promised to keep her updated on my life and daily doings. Even if they're two weeks late. ;)

 So, as you've all heard one or two million times from all the southern blogs you follow, a couple weeks ago, we had yet another winter storm hit the south.
Which if you've lived down south at any point in your life, it's rare to get one winter storm, much less, two. So in order to document this rarity, I feel the need to take a million pictures of the same snow and ice covered objects because the next time it'll snow that much again, Lord only knows. It's all about documenting people. Doc-u-ment-ing. 

So if you feel the need to bore yourself, I mean enjoy my late, snowy, oh crap it's still winter pictures, props to you. I owe you one. But if you don't, I know one cool grandma that will. :)

The week of the storm, we had school Monday. I knew a storm was coming, but I really didn't think it would knock us out of school for the next four days. 
[Now we're making it up by staying at school 30 minutes longer a day...not thrilled]

Our heat was kinda finicky that week, so we decided to head to my mom's house for a few days with our pups. You know, stay warm inside, eat not so healthy food & drinks & watch the news over and over and over again because that's what southerners do when it snows/ices.

As it turned out, we got almost two inches of just sleet. SLEET. TWO INCHES. You can't make sleetmen. You can't make sleet angles. It was crap. Slippery sleety crap. If we're going to get winter precipitation, I want some snow. The one inch layer of snow on top of the two inches of sleet was laaaame. 




But I couldn't resist hamming it up with Maci outside. #crazydogmom

Obviously the wind blew A LOT. And Maci's face just cracked me up in these.

My dog likes to wear her sweaters scandalously apparently.

Luckily, Cody and I were able to head back to our house a little farther north where we had at least five inches of powdery snow. :) Muuuuch better for this southern girl.
Cody and I enjoyed it for awhile, then spent the rest of the days off with our pups on the couch wrapping up our S.O.A. Netflix marathon. :)

It really has been a fun winter. One that we don't have too often.
This girl is ready for spring though. 
But I bet you already knew I was going to say that. ;)


  1. Nothing goes better with snow storm than Netflix!

  2. Love the pictures!! SO pretty :)

  3. Love that picture of Maci's ears blowing in the wind!! lol, too cute!!!

  4. I loved your snow pictures! Living in Tennessee, I couldn't believe all the snow we got! Where I live, we got a foot of snow and it all literally melted the next day :o That's living in the south for you!!