Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

As I dust the cobwebs off of this old blog, I'm hoping I still have followers out there.

Since we've moved into our new home | here & here | we've had the WORST luck with internet service. You would seriously think we lived in the year 1995 in the middle of Montana. We're still trying to figure out the whole internet deal (or lack there of), but I'm going to try my best to find the time and places to keep this blog updated and to keep up with y'all! I've missed the blog world oh so terribly, so please forgive my absence.

To recap this busy little life of mine, here's what we've been up to via Instagram:

from left to right, top to bottom

1 || Nora Snuggles

I can't believe this little girl is getting so big. Cody & I have spent a few days hanging out with our friends luckily, which has become a little more difficult to do as regularly since we've moved about 45 minutes away. Aside from our bonfire/s'mores night, Ashley & I took her sweet girl, Nora, for a visit over to my grandparents one Sunday when the weather was GORGEOUS and enjoyed some time catching up and of course, snuggling.

2 || Evening Walks

Before Spring Break started last week, I was walking pretty regularly. I've been keeping up with eating healthy, so walks in the evening are a nice way to end the day - especially after being around 25 2nd graders ready for a break. These beautiful sunsets make walking a little bit easier too!

3 || Vegetables.

In much more boring news, I have been vegetable crazy here recently. There's just something about warmer weather that makes me want lots of fruits and vegetables, and lord knows this pudgy body of mine needs all the fruits and vegetables it can get. :)

4|| Spring Break

Like I mentioned, last week started Spring Break and although it unfortunately flew by and is over, Maci & I totally took advantage of sleeping past 5am and snuggled a lot. A LOT. I don't regret it.

5|| Spring Is Here

Spring has been in full swing here in the Peach State, and I'm totally loving it. I'm not a winter person, in fact, I would move to Mexico every winter if I could to avoid the cold. So all the spring blooms are making my heart so warm and full.

6 || Quality Time

Cody & I have spent so much time outside recently, and I'm loving it. Whether it's been grilling and hanging out in the backyard, or sitting on the tailgate of his truck in the driveway (we're fancy y'all...) just talking, we've really taken advantage of the warm weather and our new yard. Did I mention we love it? :)

7 || Monograms & Flowers

I really haven't done much decorating in our house, so when we finally hung up our monogram and planted some flowers, I felt like our house was becoming more of a home!

8 || Easter

For Easter this year, we hosted our first holiday over at our house with my family. Having people over to our home for a holiday was a dream of mine, and was so happy when we were finally able to!

9 || Boom Chicka Pop.

I caught onto the craze a little late I suppose, but I'm SO glad I did. I was loving the seasonal flavors a little too much...

So now that we got the somewhat non-eventful events of my life caught up, hopefully more blog posts and catching up with my fav bloggers is in my future. 

Happy Monday!

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  1. hey girl heyyyyyyy! :) yes, this weather has been amazing!

  2. hellooooooo! hope you've had the best time decorating your home :)

  3. Can't wait to see house updates :)

  4. Ugh i feel your pain with the whole internet debacle. It took us months to get it installed and working correctly! But I can't wait for more house and life updates! I've missed ya!

  5. I'm glad you're back! I've been keeping up with you on Instagram. Your pics are beautiful and that Boom Chicka Pop looks delicious!!

  6. I've just started reading... Does that count? I just subscribed to the email feed :)