Monday, October 19, 2015

Bumpdate || Thirty-One

How far along: 31 weeks - officially eight months pregnant!

Due Date: December 17, 2015

Baby is the size of: She's the size of a pineapple, but since it's football season - also a foam finger. :) She's around 17 inches long, about 3 pounds. She's getting close to her birth length, but has some pounds to pack on before her big debut!

Symptoms: Weird pregnancy dreams some nights. Tired. Out of breath easily, sometimes even just randomly since she's crowding my lungs. Still fighting that stuffy nose I've had since early pregnancy. Back aches. Just feeling big some days. And a little crazy.

Gender: A sweet little girl. Post here

Name: Harper Elizabeth. Post here.

Movement: Some days are more wild than others. I really feel like she has two or three days where she's a crazy woman, and then she has two days of rest. Call me crazy. Her jabs and kicks are definitely stronger now that she's beginning to run out of room.

Nursery: Not much progress this week, except for her new light being put up! :) I had a changing pad cover controversy on Etsy, which I'm still trying to fight. Gold and yellow are two different colors, I'm just saying. 

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Yes. Yes. And filling out size large men's t-shirts quite nicely... Doctor's should write notes permitting pregnant woman to wear yoga pants to work. I'm just saying.

Sleep: Crazy dreams, like I mentioned. Sleeping pretty good, waking up for the bathroom once a night. Finding a comfortable position when I first lay down is not fun. Poor Cody has to deal with me huffing, puffing and throwing my big ol' body around until I find the right spot. Which then changes five more times. 

Best Moment This Week: Having our maternity pictures taken! I can't wait to see them!

Missing Anything: Sandwiches. Forever and always in my heart.

Cravings/Aversions: See above. Chocolate - refusing to buy Halloween candy.

Mood: Ha. Easily irritated and moody more than normal. Hormones, tired, and the stress of having a baby in only eight weeks. Definitely feeling like there's a lot to do! 

Husband: The best! Handling my mood swings like a champ. I can't give him enough credit. Took maternity pictures with me without a complaint. AND helped me paint my toenails and was very meticulous. :) Harper's daddy is the best.

Looking Forward To: My shower on Saturday! I can't wait! :)

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  1. Girl, you are getting so close! I love the red/black theme you've had going on with your pictures the last few weeks... that wouldn't have anything to do with it being football season now would it? ;)

  2. I'm excited to see your maternity pictures! Every time you post something on Instagram it makes me want to be pregnant again lol. I also craved chocolate too and I was never a huge chocolate fan.. now I still love it. Have so much fun at your shower =)

  3. I love her name. And so sweet of him to paint your nails! I hope I have that some day! Ha!

  4. You look adorable!! I can't wait to see your maternity pictures!