Saturday, December 17, 2016

One Year Down

Ok. So this is kinda funny.
And that's really all we could do at the time - laugh.

Do you ever just get a vision?
A vision on how you want your family pictures to look and feel.
It'll be PERFECT - in your mind.

My vision for Harper's one year pictures were at a Christmas tree farm.
I saw a super cute one (not really in our area) that I wanted to go to.
I took off work. We drove two hours in rush hour traffic with a one year old.
Only to realize me and Ashley didn't communicate very well with our plans for these pictures.
We searched for her and searched - the people who worked there looked at us like we were crazy.
And finally, we realized that Ashley was at a different Christmas tree farm.
A Christmas tree farm right near our house - two hours away. Ha. Ha.

Instead of panicking, we laughed.
Me and Ashley are always on the same page, so this was just a crazy miscommunication.
Mostly on my part for not expressing my Christmas tree farm vision very clearly.
I thought about rescheduling, but you see - the problem with having a baby born in December, the weather kinda sucks. And our options were limited. 

So, we both rushed to common ground before the sun went down, and Ashley managed to snag some super cute pictures of Harper a couple weeks before she turned one. I'm pretty sure any other photographer in the world would have killed me. But she's my best friend for a reason.

And. Holy Christmas trees. My child is ONE.


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