Monday, February 13, 2017

Winter Retreat

Many of you know, I've been a Beachbody coach for awhile now.
I love the sense of empowerment I've gained from it. I have loved what it has done for me personally with my health and fitness journey. But I've also loved helping others too.

I never in a million years thought this would be something I could do, but I have been doing it. 
I am doing it! Because of this opportunity and success that I have had, I was invited to go on a Winter Retreat with other coaches with the same goals. We're talking - weekend in the North Georgia mountains, pampering, group workouts, fun downtown, photoshoots (!!!), and some much needed girl time. Opportunity of a lifetime!

I was super nervous to go, but in my heart I KNEW I needed to.
I was nervous leaving Harper all weekend - Cody can totally handle it, but she is my baby. And also nervous about staying in a house with a bunch of girls I had never met. But like I said, I knew I needed to do this for ME. And for my business.

I left Thursday afternoon and headed up to Blue Ridge, and there was I greeted by my coach and the sweetest hostess (she's in the top TEN in the whole company!) you would ever meet. The girls were totally sweet, and I knew it would be a fun weekend.

As soon as we got there, Ashley - our hostess - let us open our "swag bags" full of goodies! It was so sweet and thoughtful and totally made us feel welcome. We spent that evening hanging out, having dinner, and throwing Ashley a surprise baby shower!

Friday, we woke up to breakfast and a group workout downstairs. It was SO fun working out with other people and was nice to get a little sweat session in before our trip to downtown Blue Ridge, where we would be divided into groups and sent on a fun scavenger hunt around the city. It was a BLAST, and I'm pretty sure the town thought we were all crazy. :) We met back up for lunch later, and then headed back to the lodge for some professional development training that lasted into the evening. 

Saturday morning, our little Faithfully Fit team was up first for our photo session!
Ashley thought of it ALL because she even got girls to do our makeup, and had a little set-up in the basement for pictures that looked so legit. Like legit. I mean - I've never had a photoshoot before, so you know I felt pretty cool. :P We took turns having individual ones done, group pictures, and later in the afternoon, big group pictures too. 


We ended the day with group yoga from such a sweet local instructor.
It was so peaceful, the view of the mountains was incredible to say the least.
And we wrapped up our trip that evening with an ice cream social and goodbyes.

Sunday morning, it was bittersweet.
The fun weekend I was so nervous about was coming to an end. We all said our goodbyes, and packed up. Except I had one MAJOR issue...

I lost my keys.
And couldn't leave.

The only thing I could think of was during the scavenger hunt, when we were running around, they flew out of my purse and landed somewhere downtown. They were NO WHERE to be found.
I called Cody - super nervous to tell him - and he was so sweet and wasn't upset at all.
He loaded him and Harper up into the jeep, and headed up to Blue Ridge to bring the spare key.
And better yet, we made a crazy situation, super special by having a family day in downtown Blue Ridge - eating lunch, walking around, shopping. It was seriously the best way the trip could have ended. 

I'm so thankful for my coach, Lindsay Ann, and my other coach, Ashley.
They went above and beyond to make this weekend special, and it was more than I ever dreamed of.
Totally a weekend I'll never forget.

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