Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Freshman Year Advice

My friend Ashley's little sister is about to head off to college in the next month. 
Ashley and I were talking the other day about her dorm, and finding cute decorations to make it her home away from home.

It really got me reminiscing about my freshman year of college, and remembering the horrific, I mean wonderful experience I had my freshman year just five short years ago.

Here's what I learned...

(These are strictly my humorous opinions, and should not be taken too literally. Thankyouverymuch.)

1. When you move into your dorm, recruit as much help as possible. Especially if you live on the top floor.

2. Just because you're finally away from your parents, doesn't mean you can adopt every stray animal you see on campus. I tried.

3.  Let your grandparents come visit as much as possible. They bring cookies. And take you out to lunch.

4. If you decide to throw a HILLS party, make sure you invite people who actually like THE HILLS. Because they won't show up. Lauren Conrad, I apologize for the disgrace.

5. If you get bored, find a Wal-mart. They're everywhere. And open 24/7.

6. If you run out of anything, chances are somebody on the floor has it. Perks of living in close quarters. 

7. Try your best to live on the top floor, even if it's a pain to walk up. You might have neighbors like me, who tap dance with sandals late at night. Your welcome second floor.

8. If you're starting freshman year during an election year, make sure you're roommate likes the same candidate that you do. It can get ugly.
9. If you ever wondered what you would look like at 500 lbs, don't. Please don't.

10. If you decide to throw a Christmas party before everyone leaves for Winter Break, make sure you're not the only one in the festive spirit. It can be embarrassing.

11. The boyfriend you had in high school, the one that followed you to college, it won't last forever. And thank God every day that it didn't. You might just meet the one you're going to marry.

12. If you room with one of your best friends from high school, be prepared to learn a lot of things about them you never knew before. Like they like to meet boys online, they have boyfriends all over the country that know your address, or they Skype with their backwoods West Virginia boyfriend when you're trying to sleep at 2am.

13. When you learn those things you never knew about your friend, you might end up hating their guts. Screaming, crying and calling your mom always help.

14. When you finally hate their guts, don't decide to live with them again your sophomore year. They will break your salt & pepper shakers, and you'll find out on Facebook.

15. Make as many friends as possible. You never know who your next best friend will be. Or won't be.

Thanks to Ady over at When In Doubt Just Add Glitter for the Throwback Thursday Link-up!


  1. Get out of my head! I was literally going to do a post today about Megan and asking for dorm living advice...weird! Love it!

  2. I loved this post & I totally related to so many of your thoughts!! Especially the one about living with a roommate you know who likes to meet boys online and have everyone know your address!! So crazy!

  3. Oh My Goodness - this had me laughing. Especially wanting to know what you looked like at 500 pounds!! Thank goodness for high school BF's that didn't last much longer after leaving for college!!!

  4. hahahah this is hysterical! all of it is so true. i used to get SO pissed when my roomates would do redic shit after I went to bed... i lived with my BFF one year and found out so much about her- and how protective she is of her shampoo and conditioner!!!