Friday, May 9, 2014

Happies & Crappies

So hey y'all.
Long time no talk.
I've been computerless for the past two weeks!
Complete inconvenience if you ask me.
But I'm back for now...hopefully.
I've seen a few bloggers do some "happies & crappies" on their blog, and since I've had SO much going on in the last two weeks that I couldn't share, I'm letting it all spill out. 
The good, the bad, and the just plain ugly.
I'd rather end this beautiful Friday on a good note, so I'm going to start with the crappies as of recent. Because they suck. BIG TIME. 
1. Well obviously, my computer being a piece of crap is the #1 crappy!
As soon as I got home after my first bridal shower, I went to upload my pictures and nothing. Computer wouldn't even turn on. My charging port was broken, so my computer wouldn't charge. Finally, my step-dad got it fixed for me and saved the day! Thanks Chuck!
2. I received my first car dent on Wednesday. 
I'd like to say it wasn't my fault, but that's just not the case unfortunately. Being late to work, I was rushing out the door, shoving all my teacher crap into my car, when I hit the garage door button to back out. Or so I thought I pressed the button... BAM! NAILED THE FREAKING GARAGE DOOR. I'm talking nailed. Giant dent in the door. Knocked it off the tracks. Small dent on my poor car. Cody was a good sport about it - he just couldn't figure out how I could do that. Neither can I...
 And did I mention, once I finally left the house (ten minutes even later), I looked down only to find I was wearing my shirt inside out. I SWEAR Y'ALL, I'M NOT AN IDIOT. But I'm not sure if I even believe that anymore. #weddingbrain
3. I've been tanning as of recently (don't tell me how bad it is for you, I know!) to get all tan for my wedding dress, and yesterday I seemed to have broken out in a rash on my arms and butt! (TMI?) It hurt and itched! Serves me right for being dumb and fake baking, but it hurt. And I want to whine.

4. I deformed a butterfly.
I am so ashamed. But I really was trying to help it!
We received caterpillars the other week for our classroom. We learned about life cycles in second grade, so it goes with our material. They all formed their little cocoons, but one fell to the ground! When it was time to move the chrysalises to the netted cage, I didn't want to leave it in the icky cup, so I tried to gently move it to the bottom of the cage. Apparently, gently wasn't good enough, so now it has a deformed wing. I feel so terrible! The poor thing can't fly and now it just stares at me all day long. Maybe that's just my guilty conscious... 
5. Aside from our garage door being broken (thanks to me), our oven and microwave decided to up and quit too! If you know of any hardworking, available microwaves or ovens, we're taking applications...
1. Like I mentioned, I had my FIRST bridal shower two weeks ago!
I left there feeling so loved and so blessed to have so many sweet people in my life that care.
I can't wait to FINALLY share pictures next week!
2. I had my final walk through at my venue last Sunday!
It was so surreal and really put things in prospective. I can't believe we're less than a month away. It feels like we've been engaged for two years! Oh wait, we have... Which makes it even more exciting the day is almost here!

3. The future hubby's birthday is on Sunday!
I can't wait to celebrate 25 with him, and I'm especially excited to give him his birthday gift!
I know I got it right this year! ;)

4. Um - 10 more days of school.
Enough said.
5. I became a grandma!
A little young, I know. But my porch birds finally hatched from their eggs this week!
I love looking at them every time I walk out the door.
Baby bird butts are too cute!
6. Last weekend, we had a fun family/friend get together at my mom's house!
I love getting together with everybody. It's always so much fun, and very eventful!
I'll share more next week also!  
And last, but not least...
7. Cody has his bachelor "party" this weekend, and I'm crossing my fingers he has a great time! They're heading to Athens for the Jamey Johnson concert & some bar hopping. Then playing golf the next day. I'm hoping the guys show up and have fun with him. He deserves a good guys night.
Hopefully, next week will be back to the regular blogging schedule!
I hope y'all have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

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  1. happies and crappies, laughing so hard. love it. oh no car dent :( someone hit my brand new car less than a week in, and then left, i was so mad and we still havent fixed it. boo. i was like, what?!?!! at grandma haha. wow, engaged for two years? the wedding is gonna be epic ;) have a great weekend!

  2. My cousin did that with her garage door too! Ha! Stuff happens though!!! Can't wait to see pictures from your shower!!

  3. Sorry about your crappies, but your happies sound really good :) I've missed you around here so I'm very glad you have your computer fixed! :) Hope you have a good weekend & that Cody has fun with this guys!

  4. Sorry about your "Crappies" but your "Happies" seem to have made up for the bad moments! haha I mostly laughed through this post! But I am so excited for you!

    Love Always,

  5. My first car that I got ALL BY MYSELF... didn't even have it two months and it came a huge hail storm and dented the hood and roof all up.. Been trying to take real good care of the one I have now.. someone has given me a door dent, a few months ago it got hit with a baseball, Thursday I watched someone back into it in a parking lot, and the next day I found cat scratches going vertical down the passenger side.
    Your Happies sound wonderful and like I have said before, can't wait to see your wedding pics! Love your venue!

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry you've had some bad luck lately! That's great news about the wedding plans going great!