Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend [The Wedding Planning Version]

While all y'all were laying by the pool, beachin' it up, or even celebrating the true reasons for Memorial Day, I was SLAVING away at wedding details! Pity party anyone? 
I did sign up for this, didn't I?
I'm kidding really.

Although I can't wait to be at the beach and lay by the pool this summer, there was incredibly too much to do wedding wise before we could relax with family and friends this weekend.

Saturday, I had my "final" dress fitting.
And when I say "final," I mean, just kidding because the lady wasn't done.
The cups weren't sewn in, plus a few other details needed to be fixed.
Oh, and a makeup stain after my mom threw my dress in my face taking it out of the bag.
So, I'll be back this upcoming Saturday for my *hopefully* final dress fitting because quite frankly, there's not many days left anymore.
11 in case you were wondering.
My heart just skipped a beat too, don't worry.

Saturday night, we had yet another amazing shower, but this time, it was a couple's shower with Cody's family and friends. We've been spoiled rotten with all these showers (three), and we both felt so blessed when we left.
More to come soon!

Sunday, I headed to my mom's house with my dogs while Cody was working. He planned on meeting us there later. My mom had recruited my aunt and neighbors to help with some of these last minute wedding DIY projects.
The more hands the better!

Some of the projects included:
Napkin bows
Sparkler tags
Flower girl basket
Ring bearer box
Mason jars

Oh the mason jars...
This was the simplified version of what we came up with.
We decided to have three different designs for the mason jars, but I'll save the final products for the big day. Can't give away too much!

After several hours of crafting and DYIing - we finally were able to relax and have a small cookout. And then my brain went to mush and I went to bed by 11...


My thug.
We had a great weekend, a very productive weekend, but we can't forget the real reason we're able to celebrate such a fun holiday.

My thug of a fiance and I thank all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives, are currently sacrificing their lives, and who will sacrifice their lives in the future so selflessly for our country and our freedom. 
Proud to be an American.

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  1. wedding countdown is seriously on! love the mason jars!!

  2. Love the jars! And serious LOL at Cody's hat haha

  3. Haha the same thing happened to me at my "final" fitting. Jusssttt kidding! And we used the mason jars for our wedding too - ours looks so similar!


  4. You will be able to enjoy every Memorial Day weekend from here on out :) You're almost there girl!!

  5. Love his shirt & the mason jar!

  6. 11 days?! so exciting!! we will be doing some mason jar crafting as well, but for my shower.

  7. You are in the home stretch girl...take some deep breaths, it will fly by before you know it!

  8. I can't believe how close your wedding is getting! Try to sit back every so often and take it all in, because these next 11 days are going to fly by! You're going to be the most beautiful bride!!

  9. Ohhhh 11 days!!! You're going to be SO GORGEOUS!!!

  10. Wow 11 days! I bet youre so excited! I am so ecited for you! Its going to be great!

    Love Always,

  11. Ahh!! Your wedding day will be here SO SO soon! You will be a beautiful bride! Try not to stress too much (I know, easier said than done). Everything WILL get done, and it WILL look perfect!