Friday, December 4, 2015

Bumpdate || Thirty-Eight

How far along: 38 weeks

Due Date: December 17, 2015 - we won't be making it though!

Baby is the size of: She's a little pumpkin this week - in the six pound range, 19-20 inches or so. 

Symptoms: Emotional! These pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me these days. Occasional Braxton Hicks contractions, but really not many at all. Feeling really tired the last few days, and really hungry! I can probably eat every two hours recently, which has been the complete opposite from the majority of my pregnancy. Acid reflux still hanging around also. My belly button sticks out all the time now, and stretch marks have decided to make an appearance on my belly. :( I was so close to making it to the end!

Gender: My sweet, sweet little girl. Post here

Name: Harper Elizabeth. Post here.

Movement: More shifts, rolls, and jabs these days. She's running out of space, but that didn't keep her from stretching out her little legs and jamming them into my ribs the other day... thanks little lady. 

Nursery: All done! Except for the monogram, which will probably be painted within the week. I'm completely in love with it!

Maternity Clothes: Leggings and yoga pants for this bed resting mama. I don't miss wearing regular clothes one bit. 

Sleep: Still pretty terrible, but I really wouldn't expect anything different at this point. Waking up every 3 hours or so, achy legs at night, sweating my butt off, and just not feeling comfortable. I'd love to take a nap during the day, but that's pretty hopeless also.

Best Moment This Week: Pretty good news at our doctor's appointment - we have an official day of arrival for our little peanut!

Missing Anything: Can you already miss being pregnant while you're still pregnant? After spending the day before Thanksgiving at the hospital, thinking we were probably going to be induced that day or within the week, we kinda assumed this journey was coming to an end sooner rather than later. Which in turn, got me all emotional about not having this little girl with me 24/7 wiggling around, feeling her every move. Oh, hormones.

Cravings/Aversions: Still that Chick-fil-a craving - but then again, isn't Chick-fil-a always a craving pregnant or not? I have a serious sweet tooth here recently, too. 

Mood: Like I said a few times - emotional! Wanting to meet her so bad, but wanting to keep her in this belly for as long as possible. 

Doctor's Appointment: After a few weeks of high blood pressure, we were expecting yet another week of it. We were completely SHOCKED that it read completely perfect the first time it was taken. And somehow there were no trace of proteins in my urine. So bed rest has been working really well, which kinda surprised our doctor that it did work so well. But to be cautionary, she doesn't want to run the risk too long of it going back up and having to be on medication during labor and delivery, which can make you feel pretty miserable she said and run the risk of seizures. So with that being said and everything seemingly perfect at the moment, she would feel more comfortable inducing at 39 weeks, just to make sure little girl's lungs are fully developed and ready for the world. With me being 39 weeks on the 10th, we were planning an induction for that night, but with scheduling, we'll be admitted and induced on the 13th instead. Crossing our fingers for a December 14th birthday! We will have an appointment next week though to make sure we're still doing good before induction day.

Husband: Sweet and wonderful. More than ready to meet his little girl!

Looking Forward To: December 13th to get the show on the road. :)

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  1. Good luck girl! The end is in sight! I definitely understand what you're saying about missing pregnancy! I swear I felt phantom kicks for a week after labor! Can't wait to see a picture of your sweet harper!

  2. That's so exciting you're getting induced in 9 days! So excited for y'all and can't wait to see the nursery :)

  3. Very exciting. I can't wait to see pictures and hear how it all went.

  4. You are to darn cute! Good luck and I can't wait to "meet" her :)

  5. Happy to hear that the BP is down!! Keep on relaxing and can't wait to "meet" her.

  6. Good luck mama! I gave birth at 38+6 and Sophie was perfectly healthy and happy, so she should be fine being induced at 39 weeks :)

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. Prayer Service!

  8. Can't believe these updates will soon come to an end and your little bundle of joy will be born. I'm so excited to see pictures of her :D