Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sunday of Firsts | Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day could not have been more special!
All day long I felt so blessed to be chosen and thought fit to be Harper's mom. What a dream being a mom has truly been. I thought I knew what happy was, but Harper has brought on a whole new love and excitement for life that I never thought possible. I love this little family that Cody and I have created together, and being a mama has been nothing short of amazing.
We spent our Sunday morning at the Georgia Aquarium with my mama and family. My grandmother had always wanted to go to the aquarium, and with my grandfather passing just a few months back, my mom thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get her out and do something she's always dreamed of doing. 
Her first trip to the aquarium was also our sweet Harper's first trip as well.
Harper has kinda been a little homebody, and we've had trouble taking her out and doing things because she just gets fussy and out of her comfort zone (as many times as we've tried). So needless to say, these first time parents were a little nervous with taking her to something so public and far from home. But our best shot at doing something was going to be bright and early in the morning, which worked beautifully.

She was an absolute dream all day long, completely loving the aquarium with  all the fish and animals. She's become so observant recently, so I really thought deep down that she would love it. And loved it she did.

She did great throughout the aquarium, and even through lunch afterwards.
She sat in a highchair for the first time, and loved watching everybody eat and chat. I really think she's turned a corner with stepping out a little more because she is so observant and social nowadays. Or maybe it was just a really wonderful Mother's Day gift, in which, I'll take either. 
We all had the best day together.
I loved sharing my first Mother's Day with my mom also. If it wasn't for her being such an amazing mom, I wouldn't even know where to begin. She's a great mom, but I know she'll be an even more amazing grandmother throughout Harper's life.

I love being Harper's mama.
That little girl has my whole heart and even more.
My first Mother's Day was perfect.
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