Friday, June 3, 2016

Harper | Five Months

Harper - this was the month of change!
You have grown into your own little person, and we couldn't be more in love with your sweet personality. You've really seem to have "grown up" a lot and seem like such a big girl! You make our world so much brighter.

Here are a few little things about you from your fifth month:

Nicknames: Harpie - is what we normally stick with these days

Weight: Not entirely sure, but when we took you to the doctor for your cold, you were still about 15 pounds, 8 ounces. 

Height: 25 inches long maybe a little more.

Looks: Daddy thinks you're starting to look more like mommy, but I see daddy more than anything! Your hair is growing so much longer and filling in! The hair that is filling is SO blonde, but for the most part your hair seems like a mix of dirty blonde with a red tint. You've put on more of that adorable baby chunk, and we could just eat you up! Your eyes seem like they're a lighter shade of blue for now. You're just beautiful!

Personality: SOCIAL. You love hearing your voice and exercise it quite frequently! You seem to be getting sweeter and sweeter by the day. You love your daddy, but when mama stays home with you for a day, you're quite the mama's girl also. You're much more independent these days, and seem to be past the phase of it being difficult to take you places. You're much more go with the flow nowadays, and don't seem to mind being out and in your car seat as much as you used to. You're very observant and very smart. You learn things so quickly! You love to be outside and watch the trees especially.

Eating: We transitioned you into eating solids, and you've done GREAT! You have cereal with a mixed in fruit or veggie three times a day. Your first food (besides the oatmeal cereal) was apples, which seems to be the front runner. You've also had sweet potatoes and bananas.

Sleeping: Sleeping was TOUGH this month! You definitely went through a sleep regression, but we're thinking it was more cold related. You just weren't feeling very good for about a week. You slept pretty inconsistently the majority of the month, waking up ready to start your day about every 2 hours for a few nights. Towards the end of the month, you started sleeping a little more consistently like you're used to.

Wearing: Wearing all 3-6 month clothing. Size 2 diapers. 

Favorite Things: Your dogs! Watching the trees outside, bath time, laughing at daddy!

Least Favorite Things: Sleeping... Bananas weren't your favorite food at first.

Within the last month:
  • You went on your first girls shopping trip with mama, Ashley, and Nora!
  • You sat in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant
  • You've gotten pretty good at sitting up with support
  • You went to your first tailgate for the G-Day game! 
  • We took some Mommy + Mini pictures - you were such a little model!
  • You spent A LOT of time outside
  • You went to the aquarium for Mother's Day and loved it so much!


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