Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

What a special Friday it is.

Between The Hedges
The eve before game day.
The first one of the season.
It's always the most anticipated.
The most nerve-racking.
How the season is going to go is completely up in the air.
Hope for the best, dread the worst.
You always want to open up the season with a win.
But in your heart, you know that's going to be easier said than done.
But the minutes will tick off, and turn into hours.
And before you know it, it's 6:00 AM and your alarm is going off.
It's game day.
And it'll be time to cheer on the Dawgs.

Sic 'em on Saturday Dawgs!
Wish I could be there.
I'll be cheering you on in my game day colors, tattoo on my cheek and pom-pom in hand.
Expect a scream, or two.
Probably a lot more.
Lot's of praying.
And hopefully a celebration.

Tennessee, 2008


This weekend, Cody and I decided not to go to Clemson.
We know tickets will be impossible, but wanted to go for the atmosphere.
In hopes of saving money, and putting it towards games we can get into, makes a lot more sense for us right now. So this weekend, we plan on spending the weekend at my mom's house. We're throwing it down once again - grilling, eating and well, dri... nevermind.
But Georgia will definitely be on at 8:00!

I'm thinking it'll probably look like this again:


I finally got my engagement ring back this week!
I've been not engaged for the past month.
Not by choice.
Stupid Kay's sized my ring wrong, when apparently  they shouldn't have sized it all due to the type of band that it is.
So because they didnt do it properly, my diamonds were popping out like nobody's business!
So long story short, they fixed my ring for the time being, but ordered me a completely new ring and wedding band to exchange it with.
At first I was hesitant. It's not going to be the ring Cody proposed with.
But for the price and the convenience of not sending it off every month to replace diamonds, then it's for the best.
Hopefully it gets here before my engagement pictures next month!


So, I'm pretty much loving 2nd grade!
Minus the boogers and tying shoelaces every ten seconds.
They are so sweet and adorable.
I wish I could adopt every single one.
But I don't think Cody would let me.
School has been absolutely crazy the last few weeks. 

Today I stayed 13 hours, to get some lesson planning done.
Even got yelled at by a custodian.
But anyway, here's what we're going to talk about next week:

We should have done this sooner, but I never got around to it.
They were good about picking out books, but I want to do it this week because they're finally having a chance to go to the school library now.


 Today is national College Colors Day!
You better believe I'll be wearing my red and black!

Go Dawgs!
That's what's most important this week anyway :)

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