Monday, August 12, 2013

That's How We Do It 'Round Here

I decided to take a break on Saturday.
A break from working on classroom decorating and lesson planning.
Which really was a fantastic terrible idea, because that turned into taking the whole weekend off from lesson planning.
That then led to me not being prepared for this week, and I'm kinda okay with that.
After busting my butt for the last month, it was well worth it.
 And it got a little crazy.

And cheesy.
(You'll get what I mean in a minute.)

My mom invited Cody and I over to BBQ with some neighborhood friends.
My step-dad loves to smoke different kinds of meat, and so does our neighbor, so Cody was definitely in when he heard that. 
Guy bonding time I suppose.

It started off pretty innocently, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. 
Until mom made asked Chuck to whip out the four wheeler.
So she could drive around our backyard...
Which is only big enough to do figure eights around the two tiny trees in our yard.
But of course, that got old and she had to take it for a spin around the neighborhood.
Which then turned into a family event.


And this is where she won the battle of the four wheeler.

Que the food. And the cheese.

I do not apologize for blowing your mind with pictures.
You're welcome.

Happy Monday :)


  1. Sometimes, you just need a break! Also, that looks like a fun family get together! :)

  2. Haha I love this it looks like so much fun! And I am pretty sure in one of the pictures there is a kid getting owned by a basketball goal in the background haha

  3. I always wanted a power wheels when I was little!

  4. Good for you taking a break!! Looks like a fun time with the fam fam!

  5. Love Apples to Apples!! Sometimes a break is needed. Looks like a fun time!