Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gameday Attire: SEC Style

Could 8:00 Saturday night come any sooner?

The week is dragging on as I anxiously await the start of football season.
It's not just any football season.
It's college football season.
 And in case you didn't know, we don't take our college football very lightly down here.
Especially not in SEC country.

No, I did not cry when Georgia lost to Alabama in the SEC Championship.
Ok. I lied.
I totally did.
That's how seriously I take this, as well as many others.

I'm a born and raised Georgia Bulldog.
I've been going to games since I was in the womb.
Georgia's in my heart, what can I say.

The thing that's so special about SEC football particularly, is people don't show up just for the game. They show up at dawn to save their tailgating spot for a game that doesn't start until 8:00 that night. They show up with big screen TV's and monstrous stereo systems to broadcast the day's games and play sound bites of old plays that will forever live in history. They show up with enough food to feed an entire football team, and the rest of the student body population. Smokers, grills, everything.

But what's really special about college football in the south, is the need for adorable outfits. 
In team colors, of course. :)

Here's a few of my favorites:

Dawg Gone Gorgeous Dress

Saturday Down South Bow Back Tank

Gator Bait Dress

Katie Gameday Dress
South Carolina

Chevron Maxi

Orange and Navy Front Zipper Dress

Old Kentucky Home Chevron Blouse

Orange One Shoulder Dress

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  1. I enjoy college football. Unfortunately our university did not have football so I missed out on that experience! I would love to go to a sec game one day.

  2. Awww I love this - my college football team was TERRIBLE so I never got to experience anything like it. Going to be living vicariously through your blog and posts!

    <3, Charlotte

  3. I can't get on board with the UGA thing, but go SEC! We really do know how to tailgate!! :) Love all the dresses!

  4. My hubby went to UGA and USC and even though he's a die hard gamecocks fan he still always roots for the bulldogs especially when they're playing against tigers! Love all the different outfits! Cute ideas!

  5. I love it! We in the ACC are known to Tailgate with just as much passion as you gorgeous SEC gals! (My hubby has been known to shed a tear over a major injury on the field....I try not to look when that happens bc honestly, I just have no words.) Thanks a million for linking up! xoxo

  6. Oh girl, I was at the SEC Championship last year (my senior year at UGA) in the end zone where UGA could have scored if there had been 15 more seconds. I have literally NEVER felt so emotional about a football game in my ENTIRE life! Just devastating. I love that I went to an SEC school, that is hands down where the best college football happens. The outfits you posted were adorable, too! I'm going to be in Costa Rica this season and absent from the UGA games for the first time in 4 years and it is KILLING me! Have fun this weekend!


  7. I cannot WAIT until Saturday night!! So pumped. Thinking this is our (GA'S) year!

  8. Love your gameday outfit ideas for the southern schools! I am a UK fan :)
    I put up 6 questions for you from the "You Should Know" series! :)

  9. Great post! I'm so excited for this season, keep up the good work here!

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