Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Letter to Maci | Crazy Dog Mom Alert |

Dear Maci -

Today you turn four years old!
That's so exciting!

I can't believe you've been my favorite snuggle bunny for four years already. I remember the very day I laid eyes on you so clearly. I had never seen a more perfect dog. Your sweet eyes and chocolate brown spots made my heart melt instantly. And not so secretly, they still do every time I look at you.

I love your cute little elbows, your big floppy ears, and yes, even your yaps (though they do get annoying after 10 minutes...). You rock that juicy booty of yours like nobody's business. And your sweet kisses are the very best.

Keep rockin' your weenie dog ways.
I love you from nose to tail.


Your very crazy dog mommy

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