Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Top 5 Tips for Picking a Bridesmaid Dress

Once you've asked your girls to stand beside you on your wedding day, the next thing you have to do is pick out a bridesmaid dress!

After everybody oohed and awed at you trying on wedding gowns, telling you what you should try on and how pretty you looked in that awful tulle ball gown you would never be caught dead in - it's now your turn to sit down, relax and watch your girls prance around in lovely bridesmaid dresses.

Before you go into your appointment with your bridesmaids, here are a few tips to take into consideration before you conquer the challenge.

1. Don't take all your bridesmaids.
Unless you have an abundant amount of patience, and you want to piss somebody off.

Originally, I had four bridesmaids. The two that lived the closest to me were the ones that went along to the appointment at the bridal boutique.
While you value all of your friends opinions, there's bound to be somebody who has an issue with the dress you picked. Instead of giving everybody an option, tell them what they're wearing instead.

Bottom line: The less opinions the better.

2. Take body shape into consideration.
Unless you want a boob or a butt to pop out at the alter.

All of my bridesmaids had different body shapes, and I LOVE that about them.
Each one is beautiful in their own way, and I want to accentuate their beauty not drag it down. The two bridesmaids I had at appointment day had two very different body shapes.
But the dress I ended up picking was flattering on both girls.

Bottom line: You do have these pictures forever you know.
3. Take price into consideration.
Unless you want your bridesmaids living in cardboard boxes on a street corner.
We all know how expensive weddings can be.
While that $500 dress might be totally gorgeous, do you really want your bridesmaids going broke over a dress they're going to wear one time? I promise, if you keep looking, you'll find a dress that works better for everybody's budget that is just as beautiful.
Bottom line: You want your bridesmaids to still be your friend after your wedding day.
4. Don't take it so seriously.
Unless you want to be a miserable bride that nobody wants to be around.
Go into this appointment feeling light-hearted and thankful.
Thankful that you're sharing such a special time in your life with the ladies you love.
This should be fun for everybody, and if the bride is not happy, nobody is happy.
You'll find the perfect dress eventually, it's okay.
Bottom line: Don't be a bridezilla.
5. Be open-minded.
Unless you want to never find a bridesmaid dress.
The original thought in my head for a bridesmaid dress was short and flowy since our wedding was outside during the summer. But the more short dresses my girls tried on, the more I realized that wasn't the style.
I opened my mind to long dresses, and that was it. It was the most flattering on my bridesmaids, and it was really classy.
Bottom line: Don't knock it until you try it.
Just remember - have fun, be calm, stay relaxed, and be thankful.
Enjoy this wonderful time in your life.
Your wedding day will be here before you know it!
All my brides/wives out there - do you have any extra tips for newly engaged gals about to venture into bridesmaid dress territory?

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  1. Picking out bridesmaid dresses was WAY harder than finding my dress! I think just keeping an open mind and thinking about the bridesmaids themselves is important! I had 2 that lived close to me, 2 that lived in NY and 1 that was in Alaska so needless to say we didn't all go shopping together :) I love the dress that you choose!

  2. Looks like a fun time. I've had the experience of trying on the bridesmaids dresses but then things changed and they only wanted to use family b/c it was cheaper.

  3. This post is SO on point and timely for me today. I am trying to get all my girls (4 of them) together to go shopping and it has been a nightmare to just pick a date that works for everyone! I can only imagine how shopping is going to go... But thanks for the tips!!

  4. Love this :)! I followed that advice + it worked out perfectly! Xx.

  5. This post is SO true! I made the decision to let my girls choose their own dresses based on a color palette I gave them--so all that they had to do was find a dress that matched one of the four colors. SO.MUCH.DRAMA. I thought I was doing them a favor by letting them pick their own dress/style/price--but it definitely made it complicated. Great tips!!

  6. This is an awesome post!! I totally agree with the body shape one!

  7. Your bridesmaids looked beautiful! My husband and I had a small (50ish people) wedding at the beach. I wanted to tie in beachy colors so I chose beige as the color for the dresses. I also saw a picture on Pinterest of mismatched bridesmaid dresses and I fell in love with the idea. This way, each girl could pick the dress that suited her body type and style preference best as long as it was a neutral beige color. I knew it would be windy on the beach so short dresses were kind of out of the question - we didn't want any dresses blowing up in the wind! I'm so glad I went with long dresses too because the pictures turned out great!

    Here's a pic:

  8. great tips! i only had 3 bridesmaids and we were all such good friends and i wanted their honest opinions, so we all went together. my friends have the most ridiculously different body shapes, so they all wore the same colour and different styles which i thought was perfect - and none of them would have been what i would have worn, and i loved that. everyone is different :)

  9. Love love love! This is JUST the kind of post I needed to see!

  10. This is really good! I just got married 3 weeks ago. My bridesmaids dresses were from francescas, cute and elegant, all for $40. The girls all said they would wear their dresses again. It was a fabulous find! Random plug, I thought you might like this "Everything is Peachy in Georgia" poster: It's super cute :D