Monday, November 3, 2014

Life Currently

You could say that I've been a tad absent from this little blog of mine over the last couple months. There's been a lot going on here recently, and I have to say that I've missed this world of blogging! I miss the regular scheduled posts, the reading of some of my favorite blogs, the commenting on special things going on in their lives. I feel like I've missed so much with some of y'all! So in hopes of getting back into the swing of things here's a life currently update for my followers - or the ones still left. ;)

+ Cody & I will be celebrating five months of marriage come Friday! Some days I feel like we just got married yesterday and some days I feel like we've been married for five years. I love calling this man my husband and even though we've both had tough months work wise, I wouldn't want to go through this with anybody else.
+ I posted a little about school last week, but after my very tough beginning of the year, I've come into my own I feel like. I still have constant daily struggles that I truly feel like are out of my control, but I've come to find a way of lesson planning and teaching that I truly love. I've found my teaching inspiration through Amy Lemons at Step Into Second Grade, and feel like she's the teacher I can and want to be. Through reading her blog, I really want to start my own teaching blog and eventually begin creating my own TpT units and lessons. Eventually.
+ Now that Halloween has passed (and the fact that I have three weeks of left of school until a week break from work), I am all kinds of excited for Thanksgiving, and dare I say - Christmas! I've been secretly scoping out the ornaments at wallet can't even handle it.
+ Although Cody and I didn't do much for Halloween or dress up for that matter, receiving this picture on Halloween completely melted our hearts and gave us both a pretty good case of eeeeeeek - baby fever. We love this little peanut so much!
+ When Cody and I do get time to ourselves, we've been completely consumed with season six of Sons of Anarchy. We were PUMPED when we found out it finally came on Netflix, and it's made us the laziest people. That show is SERIOUSLY addicting.
+ I'm not sure how I missed this on our county school day calendar, but this teacher has tomorrow off for Election Day! Talk about a nice surprise when I found that out! I believe my day will consist of taking my little weenie of a dog to get her nails cut and laminating centers for my math stations. That's teacher life for ya.
+ There's one BIG thing that has consumed mine and Cody's life here recently, buuuut we're gonna leave y'all guessing for a few weeks on this one. ;)
Happy Monday! 

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  1. I don't know how you missed that we have tomorrow off. It's the only thing getting me out of bed this morning ;)

    PS I'm going to guess buying a house?

  2. Blogging and teaching would be tough stuff, my love! I so understand! I couldn't commit to blogging regularly until after that season of my life. So...understood. Give yourself lots of grace, and know you are missed in the meantime! :) xx

  3. You two have had a busy first few months of marriage! Enjoy your day off tomorrow, and I can't wait to hear what your big secret is!!

  4. If it is what I think it is...ahhh!!! :) Can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. Ahh don't leave me hanging like that! I'm so anxious to know what your big secret is!

  6. Oooh I love secrets, can't wait to read all about it soon! Sooo exciting that you have Election Day off! I loooved getting it off when I was in school :)

  7. We binge watched SOA when it was first posted on Netflix too and now we're watching the final season live. Such a great show!