Thursday, April 7, 2016

Giving More

I can't tell y'all how lucky I was to be surrounded by so many supportive loved ones and friends last year through my pregnancy and giving birth. I was really taken care of through that phase of my life, and it was a gift I was never expecting to receive. Yeah, I guess you kinda expect the gifts at baby showers, but I felt like I was given so much more. 

People put me, my life, my baby, my husband, my family on the front lines in their life, but I felt like I was putting everybody I loved and cared about on the back burner in my own. It never was intentional to do so. I guess when you're growing a human life, your focus is more on feeling ready and prepared for this new little being. Or maybe that was just me.

Either way, my hopes and goal for this year is to give more.
Think of others the way I was thought of last year. 
Be more out to support those I care about and love, and think more deeply into what they need from me in their life at that moment. Be more intentional.

And you know, it really shouldn't just be a 'this year' thing.
It should be an every year, all the time thing.
I can't think of a better lesson to teach Harper really.
Give more thought, more support, more love to those you love and care about. 
And even to those who you don't know all too well.

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