Monday, April 4, 2016

Harper's First Easter

Even though Easter was a couple weekends ago now, I still wanted to share some pictures from our holiday since it was such a special one with it being Harper's first Easter. As a parent now, holidays have taken on a whole new meaning. I probably was more excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought Harper than she was - a three month old can only get so excited, ya know. In the future, we plan on explaining to her the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter, and making our weekend more geared towards that, but this year, was more simple since she's so young.

The Saturday before, we spent our day at Cody's parents' house. We had lunch together, and just hung out which was nice and relaxing. The weather this year for Easter was kinda icky, so we weren't able to get outside too much. Only enough time to take a few pictures of us with our little chick - who was completely unamused.

The Easter Bunny dropped off some goodies for Harper on Easter morning!

We had a slow morning, and enjoyed our time together as a family. We went through Harper's Easter goodies before we headed to my mom's house for dinner. 

Hopefully Harper enjoyed her first Easter just as much as mommy and daddy did!

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