Friday, February 12, 2016

Harper | Two Months

Harper... You're such a sweet little girl. We're really starting to get to know you and your little personality better. You're a little sassy, silly, and sweet. You've turned us into a big pile of mush a few times between your giant smiles and your poked out bottom lip when you're upset! We're continuing to grow with you as your Mommy and Daddy, and you're growing with us. We've watch you learn so much over the last month, and you make us so proud. We can't wait to see what you have in store for us next month. We know for sure though, that our love for you will only continue to grow.

Here are a few little things about you from your second month:

Nicknames: Harpie, Hot Rod (thanks to Daddy)

Weight: Shocked us all and was just over 10 pounds at your one month appointment. And according to our scale at home, you're just over 11 pounds now! Growing little girl!

Height: At the one month appointment you were 22 inches long - 2 inches up from birth. And now you're a little over that. 

Looks: More people have said you look like your daddy than I can even count! Your eyes seem like they're a lighter shade of blue now. Hair seems red in some light, but more of an auburn color most days. You smile all the time now, and you have cute little dimples on each side.

Personality: Such a sweet little girl! Mornings are your most sweet, cuddly, and SMILEY! This past month you really have broken out those smiles. You're definitely a sassy little girl, but we love that about you! When you're upset, you've become a master at poking the bottom lip's pretty adorable/heartbreaking. 

Eating: Obviously eating well! You get 4-5 ounces of breast milk every 2-3 hours. We've really latched on to pumping exclusively, and it works best for all of us. You've started skipping your middle of the night meal.

Sleeping: SO MUCH PROGRESS! The beginning of the month is when you really got the hang of bedtime (your routine helps so much I think). For the first few weeks, you were waking up between 2-3am to eat. After a busy weekend a few weeks ago, you slept through the night until 6am, and haven't turned back since. As of now, you're going to bed around 9:00pm, and waking up between 5-6am. You go back to sleep about 6:30, and sleep until around 9am for your next feeding. Naps during the day are a different story... 

Wearing: Wearing 0-3 months clothes exclusively now. Some of the pants are pretty loose, but the length is perfect. Onesies are usually the perfect fit.

Favorite Things: SMILING! (silly noises and touching your nose and lips always help), your Daddy (!!!), being held, your play mats, BATH TIME (Hallelujah!), laying on your changing pad (we think you like being able to look around at your room), your paci.

Least Favorite Things: Getting hot (!!!), not being fed on time, car seat is a hit or miss, when the car stops.

Within the last month:

  • You learned how to smile! Talk about melting some hearts...

  • You've discovered how to suck on your thumb (which normally takes awhile to find, but after awhile, it always gets there)

  • We've been visiting your great grandma, Nannie, every week to keep her company - you always give her the BIGGEST smiles!

  • You took family pictures with MiMi, Aunt Whitney, Nannie and Mommy

  • You've turned into a bath time pro now that you take baths in your flower and tub

  • You saw your first "snow!"

  • You graduated from newborn diapers to size one

  • We've been going on lots of walks, and you seem to really love them

  • You passed your hearing test at the hospital with flying colors!

  • You visited UGA for the first time and took a tour of campus (we're still working on how to say "Go Dawgs!")

  • You've become quite the fashionista thanks to Aunt Whitney!

  • You're the master at poking out your bottom lip when upset...

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