Thursday, February 11, 2016

Harper's Nursery

I totally stressed out about this girl's nursery for the first half of my pregnancy.
You know what - that's a lie. Because I stressed about this girl's nursery my entire pregnancy. This little space wasn't going to be good enough for me, until it was completed. I like to blame my maternal instincts and my NEED to nest. Definitely not due to the fact that I'm indecisive, obsessive, and one-track minded when it comes to things I want done, right? Right. Anyway, the poor child wouldn't even be sleeping in there when she got home from the hospital, but I could. not. stand. the. thought. of it not being done before her debut.
I can probably give the world's worst decision maker a run for their money I hate to admit. I've always been terrible at making decisions, but being pregnant on top of that, probably escalated the whole ordeal tenfold.
The crib for example:
What if the crib falls apart?
What if the crib is too shiny?
What if the crib looks ugly?
What if the slats are too far apart and her head gets stuck in there?
I don't want to spend my car payment on a crib, but I really like this one over here.
Wait, no - I like this one better. No, not that one.

I mean...this went on for days weeks.
By some miracle, I made some decisions - the crib, chair, mattress - and I had the ball rolling at least.
I knew I wanted to paint her room a light shade of purple, so we did.
Not a mistake that I hated the color.
Mistake that we painted the room before picking a crib sheet.
Because that was a whole other ordeal. 
Suggestion: Pick a crib sheet and then pick a paint color. You can always pick a paint swatch to match your crib sheet, it's harder to do it the other way around. The way that I did it. The way I did it and couldn't decide on a crib sheet to save my life. 
After stumbling around on the internet for some weeks, I finally decided on one. One that took literally three months to arrive on my doorstep. You don't do that to pregnant ladies. You just don't.
Oh, and the changing pad cover? HA.
But I did it.
I finally pulled my big pregnant lady panties up, and did it.
And once I did it, it was like my whole vision that swirled around in my head for months, was finally completed. And it felt good
So not to drag this out any longer, without further ado...
I give you Harper's nursery:

And who would have thought...
Harper doesn't care about her nursery at all.
Crib: Target
Mattress: Target
Dresser: Ikea
Glider: Target
Pouf: Walmart
White Flower Lamp: Hobby Lobby
Small Purple Lamp: Hobby Lobby (in store)
Wall Frames (gold + white): Hobby Lobby
Gold 'H': Hobby Lobby (in store)
Gold 'hello': Hobby Lobby (in store)
Prints: Hobby Lobby (in store)
Purple and Pink Hearts Print: Etsy
Sweet and Sassy Print: Etsy
Dresser Knobs: Hobby Lobby (similar here and here)
Changing Pad Cover: Buy Buy Baby
Pig Rocker: Land of Nod
Side Table: At Home
White + Gold Picute Frame: TJ Maxx
Fur Pillow: At Home
Purple Heart Pillow: Ikea
Magenta Flower Pillow: Target (no longer available - similar here)
Wicker Baskets: Target
Book Ledges: DIY - thanks baby Daddy!
 Felt Ball Garland: Etsy
Curtains: Walmart
Ballerina Animals: Buy Buy Baby (here)
Ceiling Light: Ikea
Crib Sheet: Madly Wish
Monogram: Etsy
Scalloped Crib Skirt: Buy Buy Baby
 photo sign_zpsxdahgkfa.png

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