Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Babyland General

Sometimes, you plan things as a mom with high hopes and big expectations. But your child has other plans - like being a booger. A big, green booger. :)

This day was one of those instances.
I loved - like LOVED - Cabbage Patch kids when I was little.
The dolls, the video, the songs, the SMELL(!!!).
I mean these little dolls were toy royalty to me.
So, when we decided to spend the day at Babyland General - aka. the Cabbage Patch hospital - I was really excited for her to share a little piece of the excitement.

I wasn't expecting her to fully understand everything, but I thought she would love to see all the different dolls, and even watch a Cabbage Patch be "born."
(A kinda creepy little instance, but cute if you let it be ha :) )

But instead we arrived, and immediately watched a little doll be born. She seemed to really like it, was interested in what the nurse was saying, and the lights and baby heads sticking out of cabbage leaves. But once that girl got to walking, she was straight up, hot mess express.
We're talking - throwing $80 baby dolls on the floor and running away.
And tears lots of tears.
It was a case of toddler tired.

So, needless to say - we spent a lot of time outside of the doll hospital to avoid having to purchase several $80 Cabbage Dolls and onlookers. But even though she was a hot mess, she looked pretty cute and managed to experience a little piece of my childhood. Luckily, there's always next time - and next time, we'll schedule a nap beforehand. :)



  1. I remember visiting that place!!! I loved it there!!! You'll definitely have to make a trip back when she can appreciate those awesome babies :) you got some really cute pictures though. And a fun story to tell!

  2. Aww I remember that place as a child! I wish I still had my doll! <3

  3. I never knew a place like this excited. How neat! Still got some beautiful shots even with a grumpy toddler.