Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching | Part One

Sharing this has been on my mind for awhile now - two months actually.
Without blogging though, I wasn't sure how to share this story before now.
But since I've hopped back into the blogging world, it feels like the time is right.
I have so much that I do want to say, but feel like if I threw it all into one post it would feel overwhelming and get lost. So with that being said, I'm breaking this chapter up into a few different parts, starting today with why I really started coaching to begin with.

I'll kinda rewind a bit to the end of July.
I was really struggling losing my baby weight, and was the heaviest I had been - without a baby in my belly - in my entire life. It was taking a toll on my emotional well-being - I wasn't present in my life with my family because I felt so insecure about my health and my body. I felt very stuck, which is the absolute worst. I was introduced to Beachbody - 21 Day Fix specifically - and made my mind up that I was really going to stick with this program, take it seriously, to see if it would really work for me. And it did - it really did. I was amazed, shocked, felt incredible - I finally felt unstuck and healthy. I share about my first two round results here in a
P O S T.

With signing up for 21 Day Fix, I also signed up for Shakeology - meal replacement shakes that are recommended with all of the Beachbody programs. When I signed up, I was offered the opportunity to sign up as a "discount coach" - saving me money each month on my shakes, which seemed pretty pricey at first glance. I was all about saving money, so I said "yes!" to being a discount coach no problem. At this point, I had no desire to coach anybody - I couldn't even get my own health and fitness in check - I was strictly in it for the discount.

After my first two rounds, I was approached about taking my discount coach status up to actually coaching. My sister was interested in the program after hearing about my results, so why not slide her in under me as a coach. I wasn't sure what the whole coaching thing consisted of, but the idea of making money doing what I was already doing sounded good in my book. It seemed as simple as posting about it on social media and making money. That's it. And honestly, the idea of making money came at a really good time. We were struggling a little bit financially since I took twelve weeks of maternity leave (unpaid weeks). I felt the need to contribute to our family, and as stressed, I would be doing what I was already doing anyway. So, by the end of August - I signed up my first two discount coaches - my sister and best friend. I posted about becoming a coach H E R E

After saying "yes!" to coaching - all of a sudden I was in a whole new world that I didn't even know existed - the world of network marketing. The only social media account I had was Instagram, so I really had no clue how flooded it had become with independent business owners trying to make a few extra bucks. Suddenly, I joined Facebook, started participating in team calls, was invited to coaching groups and trainings, and I was posting  multiple times a day about my health and fitness journey trying to convince people why they should take their health and fitness seriously too. 

Posting daily was NEW to me. I maybe would post every day, but sometimes not at all. The same girl who wouldn't post pictures of herself hardly with her family was all of a sudden going selfie crazy showing off her tiny little "guns" and sharing pictures of what she looked like sweaty. I was posting about why I was coaching - to change lives - nothing about making money, which was really the real reason I started to be honest. In a matter of one to two months, I went from an insecure new mom to confident, selfie posting, transformation picture sharing, flood your Instagram and Facebook account salesman without trying to be "too salesy." It was pretty freaking incredible how fast my mentality changed once I was I entered Beachbody world.

^ looks SO annoying now and embarassing ^

But I really think part of why I said "yes!" to coaching was to make money, but I feel like I also needed a purpose. I had started a new job in July - EIP teacher at a new school - I wasn't in the classroom like I was used to and I had no friends yet at my new school. I was searching for something to give me meaning since I felt so weird and out of place about not having my own classroom, plus losing my familiar teaching community. Coaching kinda just slid right in there at the right time. 

Eventually my business grew and I was seeing so much success. I was seeing my bank account be deposited with money I never thought I would get. I was staying up super late, I was adding strangers on Facebook, I was messaging girls and trying to convince them that they wanted to feel as amazing as me too. I was a completely different person. And then one day - I had enough.

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  1. I'm so interested to hear this story! Coaching came so naturally to you. You honestly rocked it! I've been approached to coach by others and while it all sounded good, I knew I would burn out. Can't wait to read the next part!

  2. I've been looking forward to this post. I can't wait to read part 2.

  3. Can't wait to read part two. This blog is like watching a tv series and you are left with a!

  4. I've been waiting for this post! You were great at coaching but it seemed like you were having to put a TON of time into it. Can't wait to read part 2!

  5. This was a great post. You were an awesome coach and i'm glad you did it for the short time! Looking forward to reading part two :)

  6. I have been there and felt a lot of the same feelings! I'm looking forward to reading part two.

  7. Lauren! You and I have been "together" blogging forever. When your insta feed became so much MLM marketing I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Whhhy!? haha Glad you're staying true to you forging a new way. Look forward to part two!

  8. I'm looking forward to reading part two! You came across so naturally as a coach, but I completely understand how it could so quickly become so consuming.

  9. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story. I thought your posts were super upbeat and inspiring, but I thought to myself...this has to consume so much of her life doing this! But I have to say that when you contact me about signing up for one of your challenges...I probably would have done it if I hadn't been doing Whole 30 because you made it look so natural and easy. Easy isn't the right word, maybe fun? I dont know. Either way, cant wait to read the rest!

  10. Proud of you for following your heart :) Enjoyed reading even as an insider! Burnout is completely possible and I've had several feelings about that myself, but then I go back to my goal and why I started and remember that it isn't for everyone and that is OK!!