Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Three Years | Q&A

Three years ago today, the hubs and I tied the knot!
THREE YEARS. It's totally cliche to say, but literally I don't know where the time has gone.
It's been really fun at times, really freaking hard at times, and even too good to be true at times.
We've been really strong, not our best, weak, really happy, romantic, and even really tired.
But through it all, we still stand strong in the vows that we promised.
And I wouldn't want to be doing life with anybody else.

So to celebrate three years of marriage today, I thought it be super fun to reflect on our wedding and marriage with a little Q&A session between me and my groom!

(I promise, Cody's answers are indeed legit - he's kinda cray, but I kinda love it.)


Were you the bride or groom – stating for reader purposes. :P

Cody: On that day? Greeter. (But for real) I think I was the groom.

Lauren: The bride, obvi. :)

How many years have y’all been married now?

Cody: Three.

Lauren: Three! Somedays I think it’s been thirty though. Depending upon how much he gets on my nerves that day. Just kidding – love ya!

 If you could describe your spouse in three words, what would they be?

Cody: Determined. Caring. Perfectionist.

Lauren: Family-oriented. Protector. Goofy.

Describe our wedding day.

Cody: Well, I woke up at 7:30. Got out of bed. Took a shower. Brushed my teeth. Chucked the deuces to mom and dad. Spent three hours getting the jeep detailed. Raced back home like Jimmie Johnson at Dover. Got my suit. Got my brother, my best man. And we skedaddled to Cleveland. Arrived about 2:30. Oh, wait I stopped and got gas on the way up there. No, I stopped and got has on my home from getting it washed. Settled into our cute – what do you call that – hole in a wall of a dressing room. Waiting for the rest of the groomsmen to show up. Talked about whiskey and women. Got dressed. Had pictures. It rained. Took some candid pictures with family. Exchanged notes. Did I say it started to rain? Lined up in formation like a junior ROCT. Made my one mile hike to alter, and waited for my Priscilla. We got hitched and danced the night away. Next question.

Lauren: It was a BLUR. I remember feeling the most beautiful I have ever felt. I felt so much love getting ready surrounded by my friends and family. It rained right before the ceremony, but it was a complete miracle how everything dried so quickly and perfectly. I was so nervous before getting in the car to drive down to the ceremony site, but I said a prayer to myself and felt the nerves drift away. The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was stunning – I remember feeling so blessed and loved seeing how many people showed up to support our marriage. We danced and danced and danced some more – and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had. Our day could not have been more perfect!

What is your favorite trip we’ve taken as a married couple?

Cody: GREEEEEEEN-vegas. (aka. Greenville) Our first trip taken since we’ve had Harper. We had fun together. But I think you just went for the Starbucks.

Lauren: Our honeymoon! I loved being newly married and adventurous with you. :)

What has been the best moment in our marriage so far?

Cody: Obviously, Harper. The birth of Harper.

Lauren: Harper! Finding out we were having a baby, finding out she was a GIRL, and the day she was born.

What has been the high point and low point in our relationship over the last year?

Cody: Probably just watching Harper grow into her own person is the high point. Low point would be learning how to be devoted parents while staying devoted to the marriage. Learning how to be parents, and not forgetting there was a marriage before Harper.

Lauren: High point has been our Wednesday dates on common days off – reconnecting and remembering who we are as a couple outside of parenting. And low point has been trying to work together through the difficult times of parenting – like Harper being so sick through November-January. And her being in the hospital. Stress makes it really hard sometimes.

What gets on your nerves about your spouse (be kinda nice!)?

Cody: (Answering with really skeptical face) One simple word: Pictures. The dadgum pictures. Nobody’s life should be that documented. We’re not going in a history book.

Lauren: His facial hair clippings around the sink. And his ability to sleep through anything – literally EVERY.THING. Or maybe the ability to fake sleeping through everything, I haven’t fully decided yet.

What is your spouse’s BEST quality?

Cody: (Literally, plays jeopardy music on his phone) (Literally.) Your best quality… One of your best qualities, that I sometimes don’t like is that you always try to make everybody happy. You're bubbly and have a love for life. You’re fun and have become more of yourself publicly and it’s a breath of fresh air. But my favorite quality about you is that you love me for me, you accept my bad. You keep me grounded. If it wasn’t for your perfectionist mentality, I don’t know where we would be.

Lauren: He puts his family first and loves Harper and I more than anything in the entire world. He’s not afraid to tell that to people or show his affection. He’s hardworking, and when he puts his mind to something, he almost always succeeds. He’s the BEST dad in the world. He makes us laugh constantly, and he might not admit it, but he’s pretty romantic when he wants to be. :)

What are your goals for our next year of marriage?

Cody: Stay married. Not let anything get us down. Continue to work on ourselves, our marriage, our parenting skills, continuing to work together, continue to uphold what a marriage is supposed to be. Love with occasional farts in the sheets at night.

Lauren: Continue dating each other. To grow as individuals so we can grow stronger in our marriage and faith. To love the heck out of each other and Harper. 

And more pictures because well, it's our anniversary and I can. :)


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  1. I love love love wedding/anniversary posts. I think your wedding was one of the most beautiful i've ever seen. It should be in the pages of Southern Weddings. I also love Q&As with the men. Their answers always leave me in stitches. It sounds like you two have a fairytale life. Not that things don't get hard but that you know how to work through them and be open and honest!

  2. This is perfect! I literally lol'd because I could hear Cody saying these things! I may have to steal this idea, I would love to see what Paul would say!

  3. Loved his answers! Especially about taking so many pictures, ha!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding looks like it was beautiful and you were stunning!!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Loved this post!!