Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Issue With Boots

Walking through Target on Sunday, I decided to take a stroll through the shoe department.
You know, checking to make sure there was nothing new.
No hidden clearance items that I HAD to have.
One aisle in particular was decked out in several varieties of boots.
Tall boots. Short boots. Black boots. Brown boots. Boots with heels. Boots with no heels.
I wanted them all.

Last year, I was lucky enough to find a pair of Candies boots at Kohls that fit perfectly.
But now that they've seen better days, I'm looking for a new and not so raggedy pair.

Boots have become the go to shoe for fall and winter outfits.
They're a must for any girl.

As I found a pair of boots that I immediately fell in love with, I slipped off my tennis shoe to pull up the caramel colored boot.

I pulled. I pulled some more. I tugged. I tugged harder.


My calves are abnormally TOO big.
They're ridiculously large. 
 Like elephant calves.

I've cried many of tears over the years because boots don't fit right.
This use to be an issue that truly embarrassed me.
It bothered me to the core.

I didn't really accept my flaw until the last few years.
I think dating Cody has helped me out a lot.
He always has loved the way I look, even when I didn't.
He's helped me understand the importance of confidence.
And I know that he's the only one I care to impress.

I think I've grown up a lot too.
I've come to the realization that it's not something I can change.
It is the way it is.
God made me the way he did.
And I should be appreciative that I even have them to begin with.

I can't lie though and say it doesn't sting a little every time I try a pair of boots on and realize they're not going to fit. It does. But now, it's on to the next pair, the next store.
 And I'm at peace with that.



  1. Oh girl, I feel your troubles. I'm the OPPOSITE. Mine are like little toothpicks in a barrel when I try to fit in boots. I've finally found a pair of Steve Madden boots that are small and if I wear legit sweater socks the gaps don't exist. No worries, it makes me feel self conscious too..I just want normal boot legs! I look at the girls at work with envy because they always have the cutest boots! Hope you find the perfect pair! :)

  2. I know it must be terribly frustrating. It is hard to be at peace with something about yourself that has caused you embarrassment in the past. I am the same way and agree completely that the support of a significant other helps so much. Self- acceptance is hard but somethings we need to learn to love instead of fighting with day after day.

  3. i feel ya girl! I struggle with the same thing! I'm so glad cody helps you feel more confident and good about yourself because you're beautiful!!

  4. I have the same problem. I usually go up a size or so and just wear thick socks to make the difference up in the foot part.

  5. I have the same issue! And like Libby said, you are very lucky to have a boyfriend who does that to you :)

  6. I have Target boots and they are nothing great. Very stiff leather. I find that if you spend a bit just once they should last you awhile! I have heard great things about this boot (http://bit.ly/1gH3uS1) and it comes in a wide-calf version!

  7. I have the same problem, and know lots of people that do! They just don't make boots for girls that have a calf muscle at all! I found that for whatever reason, some Nine West boots will go over my calf, and there are a few places that sell a wide width. Though I wouldn't call it wide, because it is more normal than you think!!!

  8. 1) what about combat boots?? they're my latest obsession & they don't go over the calves!
    2) I mentioned you in my latest post! Check it out & thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Try Madden Girl Cactuss boots. Me and my cousin both have larger calves and they fit great. They are comfy and under 100 bucks!

  10. right! I've already stocked up on TWO Target boots. And it was within the last seven days. lol. xx


  11. Just stumbled upon your blog. I have a trick that might help. Often, I wear capri jeans with my boots! That way you don't have to deal with the extra denim causing your boots to fit even tighter. I just wear tall socks and tuck the bottoms of the capris into the socks so they don't come out. I have a friend who has really large calves and I was telling her what I do and she tried it and said it has worked wonders for her! I don't do it because I have large calves, I just really like some of my denim capris and enjoy being able to wear them year round. Cute blog, btw!!

  12. I must have elephant calves too because I have this problem (insert sad face) and it bugs me big time..especially when I just "have" to have a certain pair and they won't budge! Is there such thing as calf lipo? lol

  13. Hey there! I just discovered your blog and was going back through some entries when I saw this one. I also have very large calves and have had the same problem of finding boots my whole life. I just wanted to let you know that, if you're comfortable buying shoes online, I found a GREAT website! It's www.6pm.com and you can search the boots by calf size! I love it! Plus they're all discounted boots and they range from very well known name brands to virtually unknown, so there's always a big selection. Just thought I'd share the love! Love your blog and you are ADORABLE! Congrats on your engagement!!

  14. So just started following your blog--I have the SAME problem! I have a 16 inch calf circumference and used to get SO frustrated when I ordered wide calf boots and they still didn't fit. You should try the "Shizaw" wide calf! I got mine at 6pm.com and they are seriously so comfortable and zip up without any extra tugging/pulling!