Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Nostalgia

Part of the reason why I started blogging was to keep up with my life and memories.

As one of those crazy scrapbook ladies, I love having years of memories wrapped up in one book. But since my time is more limited these days [and so is my budget], blogging has been the answer to my case of nostalgia. 
I'm one of those picture obsessed kind of girls, and I hold all my pictures from over the years near and dear to my heart. So with Thanksgiving coming up, I couldn't resist taking a stroll down memory lane and visiting Thanksgivings of the past. [A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving just wasn't cutting it for me.]


Thanksgiving 2006

Oh, these were the days I thought I was so cool.
Before selfies were actually called selfies.
My high school years.

Back in 2006, we used to walk five miles in the snow on the way to school...WOAH. Wrong story. Back in 2006, it was ALWAYS a tradition to have Thanksgiving at my Nannie's house. It was that way ever since I could remember. We would eat an early Thanksgiving lunch, and spend the rest of the afternoon with family, or enjoying the beautiful fall weather outside.

These. are. embarrassing.

Thanksgiving 2007

Apparently, my selfie stage was over [for now], because the only picture from Thanksgiving this year is one of this fine lookin' woman - my Nannie. ;)

Thanksgiving 2008

The day before Thanksgiving, Whitney and I would always help Nannie get ready for the day - decorating, chopping, cooking. Whatever she needed us to do. Whitney obviously did a better job than me.

Then once again, it was another big Thanksgiving at Nannie and Poppie's house.

 Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 was a day full of firsts!
This was the first Thanksgiving where Cody and I actually were able to spend it together.
It was Maci's first Thanksgiving!
[ Maci was skinny at one time believe it or not. ]
This was also the first year that we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving at Nannie and Poppie's house, which felt a little strange.
But it was just as enjoyable and memorable.

Thanksgiving 2011

We had Thanksgiving at my mom and Chuck's house this year.
Very relaxing, very fun, very filling!

That's it y'all - Picture overload, I know.
But this crazy picture lady is counting down the days until she can overly stuff her face with turkey and pies without judgement.
Two. By the way.
Just two.