Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheers to a New Year {July.August.September}

It's that day again!
It's day three of the "Cheers to a New Year" link-up!
We're highlighting our year, saying goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014.
And today we're looking back at our favorite moments from July, August & September.
Anybody can link-up, even if you haven't before!

Here are my lovely co-hosts:

It's easy to join in on the fun - grab the button below and get to reminiscing on July, August & September!

Peach State of Mind

{ JULY }

We kicked off our July with a very rainy July 4th.
In fact, we celebrated it twice since fireworks were rained out the first time!
Extended holiday? No complaints here!

July 4th - Take One

July 4th - Take Two


We celebrated a weenie dog's birthday!
My little babe, Maci, turned three!

My flower girl said yes!

 And we spent some time on the lake!



August was back to reality month for me.
No more summer vacation - back to school.
I was so relieved to be in 2nd grade - away from the raging hormones of 5th grade!

 My sweet Nannie turned 87!

After all the back-to-school stress, we took a break and enjoyed time with family & friends.

I met Brittany's sweet little boy, Luke, for the first time!

And we kicked off football season!
GO DAWGS! [Even if we lost.]


We spent most of September watching football!
Including a trip to Athens for the first home game.

But we did take a trip to Jaemor Farms to kick off the fall season!

 That's it y'all!
Grab the button and get to sharing your favorites moments!
 [You can link-up until Wednesday & next Thursday will be the last link-up]
 Can't wait to see what y'all have to share from 2013!


  1. I love the idea you guys have come up with. I'm trying to decide if I'm way too far behind to even catch up!! Loved reading about your July, August, and September!

  2. Love lake days! I used to have a Chihuahua named Macy, loved her to pieces!

  3. Red is def your color!! ;) I'm going to join the link-up as we speak! Thanks for hosting!

  4. such a fun summer vacation!! and i agree--red is totally your color!

  5. I love little Maci!! These flashback have me pining for summer!

  6. its so fun too look through the year! looks like it was a great one so far! summer is the best :)
    Helene in Between

  7. Maci is adorable! And it looks like you have some great memories from the summer months.