Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

It's Friday y'all!
AKA. That much closer to Christmas.
And I have yet to buy ANYBODY a gift.
Y'all will know where to find me on Christmas Eve...
Buying my last-minute presents since I'm obviously a procrastinator. 

Let's hope I get my act together this weekend.
And now that you mentioned the weekend [ok. well I did.], Friday means it's Five on Friday with the ladies!

{ ONE }
Thanks to all the wonderful ladies for linking up with us yesterday for the "Cheers to a New Year" link-up! 

The link-up highlights the most memorable moments of 2013, in three month increments.
Reviewing your year can get so overwhelming, so this was the perfect solution!

This week we looked back on April, May & June!
You can find my post here.
And you can still link-up with us until Wednesday!

{ TWO }

So, if you have followed me for the last couple of weeks, you probably know that this bride-to-be does NOT have an engagement ring.
Yeah. I really don't. And I don't like it.
I've been ringless for the majority of our engagement it seems like.

Say bye-bye to this baby.
We've had so many issues with that ring.
I'll go into more details next week, but the good news is...

Kay's finally got their act together and have let Cody and I exchange & upgrade our ring.
It sucks to be losing the original ring (which was my second ring anyway), but I'm going to pick up my NEW, DIFFERENT STYLE, DIFFERENT DESIGNER, ring.
WOOHOO for getting engaged. Again.


Tomorrow, my sister Whitney and I will be headed over to my Aunt's house for lunch and tree decorating. It will be a festive Saturday for the season!

{ FOUR }

It's officially the holiday season in 2nd grade!
Next week is the last week before our Christmas break.
I finally updated my bulletin board this week...which will only be up for a week and a half...
But I thought it was cute!
[We were working on Author's Purpose - hence the P.I.E.]

So now, I'm trying my best to plan some festive lessons for next week.
We're going to be comparing texts in reading - so why not compare the cartoon Grinch video and the book, right? :D And maybe some Polar Express! I got this figured out y'all.

{ FIVE }
I thought about waiting to share these when I knew everybody had received them in the mail, but I got impatient!

Here are our Save the Dates/Christmas cards!

I knew I wanted to combine the two concepts for awhile now.
I had seen it done a few times on Pinterest, but it just worked out perfectly for us since we're getting married in June.

I ordered my Save the Dates from
And I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with the service.
I had read so many blogs with bloggers who used Minted.
I read nothing but great things.
I opened the first box of save the dates to find my face looking like an alien.
And that just doesn't work for me!
More than half of the cards had distorted/blurry pictures.

I SOMEHOW managed to stay calm, called customer service, and they so kindly ordered me what I need for free, apologizing for the printing error.

Well, problem wasn't fixed.
The second box had the same problem as the first.
Half of the postcards were blurry.

Luckily, I had ordered more than I needed.
I had enough to send out, and just didn't bother again.
No more service from me. Sadly.
Cause they're really cute. :(

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. That stinks to hear about your cards :(. But I'm glad you were able to salvage some!

  2. Your ring (original) looks similar to mine. We had MAJOR issues with Kay's when they convinced me to have the rings soldered together. They pretty much destroyed the bands and I didn't have my rings for over a month while they fixed them. Luckily I got an amazing customer service lady who checked on it every day and sent me a $75 gift card. Thank goodness I got them back finally fixed, but I am nervous to send it off in the future for anything. Yikes!

  3. Girl, totally understand on the ring. I don't know if you read my post on Tacori LOSING my engagement ring after our wedding, but it was a nightmare. Get everything corrected beforehand! So sorry to hear you guys have had so many problems. Hopefully everything will work out now. I love your Christmas card/Save the Dates! Happy Friday!

  4. What a great idea to combine the Christmas and save the date cards. Those things can get pretty expensive.

  5. ahhh those cards are great!!!!!! Love it!!

  6. I am so sorry about your ring--but excited for you that you are getting a new one (can't wait to see it)! GOOD for you for standing up for yourself and getting your card body needs to look like an alien at Christmas :)

  7. Love those cards!!! And how annoying about the ring I hope it all gets worked out soon :)

  8. I had no idea about your ring woes! Boo to that! Oh my goodness!!!

  9. Ohh noo! I hate that about yalls card!! Because it is really cute!

  10. Love love love your Christmas card!

  11. looove your christmas card!! Sorry that you had so many problems with the quality...that's a shame!! Have a great weekend! xx

  12. That's awful you had such a bad experience!! They look great though!

  13. That is really unfortunate to hear you were not happy with the quality of your cards :( I have always been a big fan of Minted. But I ADORE your Christmas cards/Save the Dates!

  14. I've never had good service from minted. I've used Shutterfly and they've been great every time. I'm sorry to hear about your ring! That sounds stressful!