Monday, March 3, 2014

February Goal Results

I totally can't believe February has come and gone, and we're already into March.
Helloooooooo spring.

February was fun & memorable, and of course I set goals for myself to accomplish throughout the month. Honestly...By mid-February, I forgot what my goals even were. Which probably isn't good for accomplishment purposes. Oops.
 So looking back on these goals will be news to me...

1. Begin eating healthy & setting up a workout plan/routine.
 Check. I joined Weight Watchers about two weeks ago, and have been really motivated to stick with the plan of making smarter choices. I'm working out as much as I can, but haven't set up a complete routine. I'm still waiting to see weight loss results, but like how I've been feeling eating healthier.
2. Save. Save. Save.

Money into the savings account. Done at the beginning of the month.

3. Order Cody's wedding band. 
Finally. We did this last Friday night and I love the choice he made. It looks beautiful with my ring, and I know he truly loves it too, which makes it even more special.
4. Continue going to bed early.
I failed at this. There was no routine to my bedtime AT ALL.
I'm going to blame the week off from the snow/ice storm & a week of parent/teacher conferences.
5. Honeymoon? 
Psh. We are having the hardest time making this decision. We're trying to research as much as possible, weigh all our options and figure out what is best for us. Maybe March will be the month of the honeymoon decision.
6. Register! 
We knocked this baby out at the very beginning of the month.
We planned on registering at a couple places, but inevitably found everything we wanted at Target. I mean, how could you not...
7. Food Tasting for wedding. 

This was my favorite part of the month almost!
Probably cause I love food so much...But really it was just the best food I've ever eaten in my entire life. To know that our wedding food won't be "typical wedding food" makes me so happy, and excited for everybody to try it!

8. Groom & Groomsmen Attire. 
Half crossed out? Does that count?
Cody and I stopped by last Friday night, and looked briefly, got an idea of how much it would be, and decided to head back to make some decisions next Saturday.
We're going to be going with grey. Cody's request from day one. 
9. Read a book. 
Ha. Does The Three Little Pigs count? Diary of a Worm? If so, I read a lot of books to my second graders! Now if I wanted to read a book for me...yeah, no.

10. Spend an evening in Athens. Again. 
Well, we were technically one day late. Cody and I headed to Athens Saturday night (March 1st) for a date night just the two of us. We're trying to venture out of our normal Longhorns, Chilis & Cheddars comfort zone and try new things. We're planning on moving to a town near Athens in the fall, so we want to be more comfortable with our future home. :)

11. Pick a flower girl dress. 
Wow...major slacking off with these goals.
Haven't picked one. Can't make decisions. Suck at wedding planning.
The End.

12. Enjoy a simple, relaxed Valentine's Day at home.

We did do this!
Luckily, we both had the day off from the winter storm which made it even more relaxing and simple. Dinner at home & Netflix was perfect for us.

So overall - 8/12. Not too bad.
March is going to be a BIG month with wedding goals, so onto those tomorrow!

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. That's awesome you started weight watchers! Only program for losing weight I've actually seen results from. Going to bed early is said to help with your overall health and fitness too. ;p Maybe that's motivation for next month?
    Keep it up!!


  2. I have always heard great things about weight watchers. I'm glad you found something that works for you. Also, I think you look great as is :)

  3. The wedding check list takes over doesn't it?! Being 3 months out I feel myself getting so ready for the actual day and semi tired of the pre planning!!! It's all such a fun time though :) Happy MARCH! Ah! Xx.

  4. Girl you got a lot accomplished! Ahh I can't believe you're getting married so soon and that honeymoon is going to be awesome no matter where you choose!

  5. You got a lot done!!! Wayyy more than I did in February :) :)

    And I def. think that the books you read count ;)

    Happy Monday, pretty lady!!

  6. LOL! I am really horrible at making goals and keeping up with them too! I'm going to try my best next month though! Good luck!! :)

  7. Even if you didn't get them ALL, you were still WAY productive! Way to go! How fun is registering, by the way?