Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday

Well, we made it.
I think we should all get a trophy on Friday for making it through the week.
Maybe a ribbon? A sticker? Hey, it works for 2nd grade.
I think I deserve something for surviving this week.
It was tough.
I've been grouchy. Irritable. Tired.
What a joy I've been.
I apologize to everybody that came across my path this week.
But the good news is... it's almost the weekend, so how could anybody be upset about that!?

Today, I'm putting my grouchy-tude to the side, and linking up with Christina & the Five on Friday ladies.


Today is kind of special because five years ago today, Cody and I went on our very first date.
March 7, 2009 was the day.

I remember what I wore. What he wore. Where we went. Where we sat.
How I felt. That I thought it was going to be a terrible date at first.
And now look at us.

Getting married on June 7th.
How 'bout that. :)


Speaking of wedding... We're going Saturday to pick out the groomsmen attire.
Honestly, I'm not super excited about this... Is that bad?
I just want it done. I want the groomsmen to get it ordered. And call it a day.
This is our inspiration for the groom & groomsmen.



Last night, I came home to a delicious crockpot full of Chicken Tortilla Soup.
It was beyond delicious. And not filled with calories.

This was the inspiration I used to make the soup.
I make a similar one on the stove, but found one for the crockpot that was perfect for a couple that has worked 10+ hour days recently.

I did change it up a little bit, and I'll try and share it with y'all the next time I make it.
Normally,  I would have added handfuls of cheddar cheese and spoonfuls of sour cream. 
But since I'm doing Weight Watchers these days, that wasn't part of my daily point count.
So, I made it without the extra calorie-filled dairy goodness, and I have to say that I didn't miss it at all. It was that good. And that easy.
Definitely a new weekday favorite for us.


As you know, I'm trying to shed some pounds these days.
Eating healthy. Exercising. The whole nine yards.
In the past when I've worked out, I've lost the pounds pretty quickly. 
But this time around, it's coming off very slowly.
I know I'm not working out as hard or long as I could, but I'm moving a heck of a lot more than I was before I started this journey. I've cut so many calories out of my diet that I didn't even realize were harming my body. Those extra snacks. Extra cheese. There was a limit, but in some ways there wasn't. I knew not to push my snacks too far, but a lot of little extras add up to be a lot. So I feel like I'm making big steps, and I'm hoping this turns into a lifestyle change, and not just a youhavetofitinaweddingdress change. But it is discouraging to see the weight not coming off as quickly as I'm used to. So in order to stop getting discouraged, I found this on Pinterest and it totally flipped my attitude upside down. 
It just makes so much sense, and calmed my uneasy feeling about the number I was seeing on the scale.

Just keep going.


Has anybody ever used Groupon for a getaway?
Is it legit?
Should I be worried that I'm going to get ripped off?
 I'm considering some of their getaways for our honeymoon, but I'm way too skeptical. 
I'm probably being too cheap, and thinking about this honeymoon location way too seriously, but I want to make the right choice!
 So Groupon advice? I'm all ears. Or eyes in this case.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday & a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I wasn't super excited to do the whole groomsmen thing either. You picked a great weekend to get married - we got married June 8th last year :)

  2. Keep going with the eating right & exercising! It is absolutely worth it on the day that someone notices & says something to you! Good luck with the groomsmen attire :)

  3. Happy dating anniversary, so sweet!! I love the gray suits for the groomsmen and no worries I wasn't excited about picking those out either haha!

  4. Happy first date anniversary!!
    PS: I'm going to keep stalking this post because I want to hear what people say about Groupon Getaway, because I have been wonder the same thing!

  5. I agree, we should get trophies on Fridays!

  6. Love first date anniversaries!! :) My hubby and I are always looking for any excuse to celebrate :)

  7. so much to say - yay for march 7! i too remember exactly what i was wearing/my farmer was wearing/where we went/the weather…everything. such special memories. however, i don't remember the date. it was june though. love the groomsmen inspiration. love! and keep us all posted on the groupon research. i've been curious too! linkup love! new reader!

  8. You can do it! Keep doing what you're doing! I have heard some mixed reviews about the groupon getaways--just make sure you research the resort beforehand on tripadvisor and you should be good. I wanna try it out too!!

  9. A girl I worked with booked a last minute trip through Groupon a couple months ago. She bought the tickets, and a day later she was in the DR. She had to pay for airfare, but I believe the all inclusive resort she and her sister stayed at for 3 or 4 days was wicked cheap. $500 for the both of them maybe? I'd definitely do your research, but I am a serious Groupon lover and have bought stuff through them on a smaller scale and have been satisfied. Good Luck! (:


  10. Im a georgia peach too girl! love it! and I totally remember just wanting the planning done! just keep pushing through! Your wedding will be here before you know it! xoxoxo

  11. Wedding planning must be so exciting! That soup looks so good, one of the things I want to make this weekend is Chicken Tortilla Soup and homemade Sweet potato salt & vinegar chips. Speaking of Groupon, I love it! I have tried so many new things all thanks to groupon!

  12. I know about a month after we booked our honeymoon to St Thomas, the resort was on groupon! I was a little peeved to see it right after we paid full price, but the time was shorter than we wanted anyways. So I know they have legit places on there, I would just double check at the actual resort and see if you are saving enough money to be worth it. Sometimes the resort can throw in deals of their own for honeymooners! :) We used a travel agent who got paid by the resorts, so we had someone else do all our research for free. Plus, they normally work with the same resorts over and over so can give you honest reviews. I would look into that too if you haven't.

  13. that tortilla soup looks delish! And I feel you on the grooms attire, definitely not the most exciting thing on the list haha. Your inspiration is very similar to what we're going for :)

  14. That's a great pinterest pin! And agree on the trophy. Happy Friday!

  15. 3 months to the day!!!! xoxo Have a great weekend!

  16. Whenever I feel like progress is slow I always repeat that mantra in my head, although I don't feel like I ever notice a change in my body. Stick with it girl and it will become a lifestyle change!

  17. I feel you this week can suck it! Dang it took forever to get to Friday! Have a wonderful (non-grouchy) weekend!

  18. Groomsmen attire was WAY easier than my dress! Though, it was really nice to get it checked off the list!

  19. Um that soup looks ahhh-mazing!!! Feel free to send this my way any time! :)
    And good luck with the progress, I totally know how it feels to think you're not getting anywhere. But I can guarantee that one day it will seem like the results just appeared over night!

  20. Love #1! So sweet :) Yes, I LOVE Groupon! Have bought several things & small trips (Harrah's Cherokee Casino) off the site before!

  21. 1. LOVE the groomsmen attire. 2. For #4, it's so true! Just keep going and you will be so glad you did! xxoo

  22. I wish it was Friday already! That soup looks delicious!