Monday, March 31, 2014

March Goal Results

Can you seriously believe March is over?
I can't believe we're already three months into 2014!
Where the heck does the time go...
I think the overwhelmingly busyness of March rushed it along.
I maybe looked at my March goals a couple times throughout the month.
I'm not sure how many goals I'm actually going to be able to cross off the list, but hopefully I'm surprised by the end of his post.
In other words, I'm hoping I didn't completely blow off my goals and consumed my life with everything work related and/or sleeping (which I seemed to want to do a lot of this month).
So with one eye closed and the other hesitantly peeking through my list, here we go...

1. Have a wedding invitation stuffing party.
We didn't stuff them yet, but we tied them together in preparation for stuffing. 
We will be doing the stuffing this week in fact because they're going to be mailed in the upcoming days! Once those little babies go out, I'm pretty sure it gets real.
I can't wait to share them with y'all as soon as our family and friends get them first.
But I couldn't leave y'all without a little sneak peek...

2. Order wedding shoes.
Shoes are ordered.
I'm hesitant to even get excited about them until they've arrived, they look good, they fit and I can walk in them. When that happens, I'll cross this off my list.
3. Book a honeymoon!
  Due to the abundant amount of stress the rest of the wedding has put on me, plus work, exercising and eating healthy - Cody is now fully in charge of this. His new rule.
So no. Not booked yet.
4. Pick a flower girl dress.
Yesterday we picked one out.
I'm not completely sold on it yet, but at least the child won't be naked walking down the isle.
I'm still frantically looking. Still not crossing it off my list quite yet.

And by the way...
What color do you think a flower girl should wear?
White? Match the bridesmaids? Another wedding color?
I'm lost with that concept.
5. Save. Save. Save.
I bought something for myself for the first time since 2013 this month.
I needed a dress for the wedding I was shooting with Ashley.
And I bought a pair of sunglasses for no good reason other than I really wanted them.
Other than that, I've been doing good.

6. Continue eating healthy & exercising.
  Yes. -7 lbs from my original starting weight.
All  my pants are loose and baggy, which makes me feel great except, I don't look all that professional at work with baggy pants and pulling them up all day long.
I haven't exercised as much as I would like. Simply because I'm lacking the time in the day.
But for the most part, my eating habits have changed a lot, minus a couple weekends where I splurged. Still a long way to go though.

7. Pick our groom's attire & groomsmen.

We sure did pick everything out.
At a place we weren't even going to look at.
I'm so glad Cody's mom took us there, because everything just fell into place.
The good news is - they don't have to be ordered as soon as I thought.
But we're still giving the guys a deadline to get in there and get it ordered.
Step-dad and grandpa are going there this weekend.
8. Have a date with Cody at a new place.

For our anniversary this past weekend, Cody surprised me with a fancy date to a local winery for dinner. We both have never been before, and in all honesty, that makes us pretty nervous and anxious. It ended up being a fantastic evening, yummy food and wine and cheesecake. Yes, I splurged and ate cheesecake. Oh, and the chocolate mousse they brought us for our anniversary. #sorrynotsorry
9.  Begin thinking about Bridesmaid gifts.

Sure, I thought about it.
But I haven't bought anything yet.
Their jewelry and shoes will be part of this gift, but I haven't gotten the extra goodies yet.
I know what I want, let's just say that.

10. Look for bridesmaid jewelry & shoes.
Sunday, my mom and I went shopping at the mall for this among other wedding things.
As soon as I was about to throw my hands up and give up, I found the perfect necklaces for my girls. It was seriously a sign from God that I found these and that they even had enough. It was meant to be. I did not get the earrings yet, but I know what I want them to wear.
As for the shoes, I'm leaning towards a particular pair, but want to run it by the girls first.

Ok. So I did better than I thought.
But there's still major things I need to focus on for April.
Can't wait to share my new goals with y'all tomorrow.
Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend!
5 more days until this teacher will be on Spring Break!
I hear angels singing. :)
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  1. Yay for SPring Break being close! But You did so much on your list! Everything was mostly done! :) :) And I love it when the flower girl wear a baby pink, white or cream. But thats just me! Happy almost April! :)

    Love Always,

  2. I sent my wedding invitations out last week and it was crazy the affect it had on me!!! It was a rush of excitement and fear of all the stuff I still have left to accomplish before it. Get ready for it!!!

  3. Hooray for wedding invites!!! Mine should go out this week and I can hardly wait! Xx.


  5. I'm in love with the stamps on your wedding invites! Such a nice touch :)

  6. First, congratulations on the weight loss and your upcoming wedding! A lot of flower girls usually wear white, but you can always add a ribbon, belt, etc. that is the same color as your bridemaid dresses so it ties it all together.