Thursday, March 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday: L+C {Year Four}

Year four of our relationship was by far the most exciting and most eventful!
So many big moments in our life all packed into one year.
Like this:

Only the most unexpectedly exciting day of my entire life.
But let's not jump too much ahead just yet.
In April we celebrated Easter together, along with our fur babies.
The Easter bunny was very good to us. Thanks mommy.
We went to the Hank Williams Jr. concert. Well... I spent it in the bathroom, but that's another story for another day that may never come around. :)
I FINALLY graduated college.
We met my freshman year of college, so it was extremely important for him to be there for this accomplishment. Even if his contacts were burning his eyeballs the entire day and could hardly even see me get my diploma. :P
 And of course, we had a graduation party to celebrate.
With a country theme - hence the cowboy hat.

In May, Cody accompanied me to one of my best friend and bridesmaid's wedding.
Hands down, the funnest wedding we've ever been to.
Thank you Brittany & Will. :)
During the summer, we did the normal hang by the pool thing, took some mini road trips and did some summer shopping.

And we were blessed enough to be apart of our little flower girl's Baptism.
We love Elizabeth Grace. :)
June 13, 2012 he completely took me by surprise and got down on one knee.
He popped the big question and I was SHOCKED.
A sweet & casual picnic turned into the most memorable day of my life.
Another one of my dreams came through in October of that year, and I landed my first real teaching job in the county I grew up in. Those fifth graders wore me out, but we managed to squeeze in some fun on the weekends in the fall. 
We even moved in together!
And picked out our very first Christmas tree together. :)
Next Thursday, Cody & I will be celebrating five years of being together!
I can't wait to see what he has planned for us to celebrate, and I can't wait to try and work on something special for him.
If you missed the first few years, you can recap with me down here.
one. two. three.
Thanks to Ashley @ A Thousand Words for hosting this link-up!
  Happy Thursday y'all! It's almost Friday!

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  1. Ok, you two are the cutest! And you have great taste in clothes! Just had to let ya know :)

  2. I feel like I'm watching y'all grow up each week through your tbt posts... you look like babies in your first post compared to now! Happy early anniversary!

  3. Aww so cute!! Love your dress from graduation!!

  4. Aww gah yall are just so dang cute!! Ha! I love it! Love the engagement pictures!!

  5. You guys are so cute together! And congrats on the engagement! (I am a new follower so I am jsut finding out about it! :))

    Love Always,

  6. Cute throwback! Loved to see the progression!

  7. Discovered you blog from Lindsey's Liebster Award nominations and I have to say I LOVE your throw back posts. So cute getting to see your love story this way!!