Tuesday, April 8, 2014

32 Things That Make Me Happy

Last week, I saw a few people posting about the 32 things that make them happy, and I thought it was the cutest and simplest idea for a link-up post!
When I dug a little deeper, and found out where the link was coming from, I knew I had to join in on the fun. 
Thanks to Venus Trapped in Mars for the fun link-up! 

1. My fiance, Cody.
Obviously! He's always making me laugh!
2. My fur babes - Maci & Hank.
Those sweet kisses and big brown eyes melt my heart every time.
3. Family gatherings.
I love spending time with everybody at the same time. 
4. Holidays.
The decorating. Anticipation. Family.
5. Spring, summer, fall - every season EXCEPT winter.
Pretty much all the warm seasons.
6. Athens, Georgia
The university, the town, the restaurants/bars, the people - it's just the best.
7. The University of Georgia
Go Dawgs.
8. College football.
It's a southern thing.
9. Living in the south.
Southern hospitality, traditions, history. 
10. Forrest Gump.
It's just a classic. Favorite of all time.
"Life is like a box of chocolates..."
11. Freshly painted nails.
Because you know you have at least 24 hours before they chip.
12. Guacamole.
Um, it's just delicious.
I know it cost extra and I don't care. 
13.  Saturday & Sunday mornings.
Sleeping past 4:30 makes any day incredible. There's just something nice about waking up on your own. 
14. Babies. Ones with wrist rolls in particular.
I have a case of baby fever.
15. Diet Dr. Pepper.
It's my escape from reality without the calories.
16. Fresh flowers. 
They're so pretty, feminine and smell so good. And they remind of spring and summer. 
17. Miranda Lambert.
The perfect role model for girls these days. Even if George Strait left her hanging...
18. Scrapbooking.
When I have the time. I love documenting memories.
19. Taking pictures.
I'm no professional, but I love pretending.
20. Monograms.
I finally get to enjoy this with my new initials soon!
21. Chick-fil-a.
Delicious and low calorie.
I appreciate their morals and beliefs.
22. Sparkles. 
If it shines, I want it. 
23. The beach.
The smell, the feel, the warmth.
Bring it on honeymoon!
24. Sunday drives with my future hubby.
We used to just pick a place and drive. The adventure and time together mean so much. 
25. Mason jars.
Because they're southern. And we like that.
26. Full House.
27. Playing cornhole.
It screams "football season."
28. Cupcakes.
Personalized cake. Mine all mine. Not yours.
29. Traveling.
I love the packing. The adventure.
Really should try this more. 
30. Maxi dresses.
You can be bloated and still look cute!
31. Candles.
They make your house feel clean even if it's a disaster.
32. The fact that I'm getting married to my best friend!
Less than two months friends!

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  1. haha i love the comment about the maxi dresses...so true! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your happy list and reading it just makes me miss Georgia! I could use some more Mason Jars, Maxi Dresses, and Georgia Dawgs in my life. Hope you enjoy your Wednesday!

  3. Hahaha maxi dresses, so true! I agree with so much on this list! Can't wait to escape PA and get down south next month. Even if Florida isn't "The South" it's a whole lot more Southern than PA! :)

  4. Full House never does get old! Neither does the beach...I wish I was there right now!!!!

  5. Totally agree with a large percentage of these!! :)

  6. OMG George totally did leave Miranda hanging and it was so awkward lol I love her so much tho!