Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

Well, hey y'all.
Long time no talk.
I didn't blog as much as I hoped to this week.
Didn't even get around to posting my April goals.
Those will definitely be posted next week though - can't break the streak now!
And speaking of not blogging much, I haven't done a Five on Friday with Darci & the rest of the ladies in awhile, so today is the start of a new blogging trend! Hopefully.
If you checked out my ridiculously short post on Wednesday, you would already know that it was my little sister, Whitney's, birthday! The big 22. She doesn't care about feeling 22, I already asked her. Thanks anyway T-Swift. But this weekend we're planning on celebrating her special day with the family. I love any time we get to spend with each other, especially if there are Gigi's Cupcakes involved. And there will be. If anybody asks, I won't be on a diet while I'm eating my cupcake for those five blissful minutes. And I don't care. :)
Speaking of birthdays...
Today is my bridesmaid/best friend Brittany's birthday!
We've known each other for about four years now, and even though she's moved away, we always have so much to talk about when we do see each other. I'm so glad Brittany is in my life, and I have absolutely loved watching her grow from college student - to wife - to one of the best mommy's in the entire world.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Brittany!
Yesterday was probably one of the crappiest days I've ever had in my teaching career.
Without going into too much detail - I did some crying. I realized that some of my students like their old teachers better than me. (which shouldn't be a big deal, but I took it personally because I was already having a terrible day). And I missed my hair appointment because I had to call so many parents after school for misbehavior (probably why they don't like me) that I sat in a hour of unnecessary traffic. But through all the chaos of the day, the many tears, and the fact that my roots are still brown, I came home to a long and loving hug from my soon-to-be husband. Plus several Maci & Hank kisses. All the stress just went away. I just love them.

What also helped my no-good, terrible day was the fact that I made some tasty "fried" rice last night. I say "fried" because it wasn't fried at all, but mimics restaurant style fried rice. With my current diet, Chinese food isn't the best option, even though I wish it was. So to get my Chinese food fix, I mixed up a healthier version that was almost effortless and extremely quick. I had someone ask for the recipe already, so I'll try and get a post together for the specifics.
If you're feeling adventurous, and want to try it yourself without a specific recipe, all I used was: 10-minute brown rice, rotisserie chicken (shredded), eggs, frozen peas and carrots, and lite soy sauce. Boom. How simple is that.


This will probably be the longest Friday of my entire life.
In a few hours, I'll be free.
Free from bells ringing, boogers and tattling.
For an entire week.
It's called SPRING BREAK.
And I could not be more thrilled.

I'll be celebrating my sister's birthday, visiting Brittany and her chunky bundle of joy, Luke, helping my Nannie pick out an outfit for the wedding, and meeting with my wedding planner.
Oh and sleeping. Playing with Maci & Hank. Actually spending time with Cody in the evenings. And sleeping. Did I mention sleeping?

Counting down the hours people.
If you need me, I'll be be in survival mode until 3:45 pm.
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Happy Spring Break! Sounds like it's coming at a perfect time for you :) Enjoy it!

  2. I hope you have a good spring break!

  3. Enjoy spring break and a week away from the kids!! Happy Friday! :-)

  4. enjoy your spring break! you deserve it :)

  5. Any diet can be broken for GiGi's! Their cupcakes are so amazing! Have a wonderful spring break!

  6. I had a day like yours this week too where I wanted to cry over a bad day! Not fun! Cheer up though, it's Friday! :)))

  7. Happy Spring Break! It sounds like you need it after this week! And that fried rice looks so good!

    Love Always,

  8. Happy Spring Break. Relax until you can't relax anymore LOL. :)

  9. So many birthdays!! And that healthy fries rice looks AMAZING!! I want some now!!

  10. I had Gigi's cupcakes for the first time when I was in Charlotte last week and they were SO good!!! That will cheer you up :)! Xx.

  11. Your blog is so cute! I can't wait to keep reading more! Have a great spring break!

    Andi from

  12. I am so envious of your Spring Break!! Enjoy it bride!

  13. That "fried" rice sounds amazing! I love a healthier alternative to all my favorites.