Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birthdays Mean Cupcakes

Last Sunday, we celebrated my little sister's birthday.
Her birthday is actually April 2nd, but we got together with family over the weekend.
Whitney turned 22, which makes me feel old because I don't even feel like I should be 24.
I always have loved Whitney's birthday for a few reasons.
1. It's in April, so it's Spring.
I like Spring, and it makes me jealous because mine is in winter when it's all icky.
2. Usually it's on or near Spring Break.  
Which I like even more.
 3. It always let me know that the end of the school year was near.  
And I really, really like that.
 4. And I guess because Whitney was born, too. ;)
 Such a sister attitude to have, right?
She knows I'm kidding!

We celebrated with family at my mom's house, enjoying a delicious dinner together.
We completed the evening with a couple (ha...a couple) cupcakes from Gigi's.

Here's a few pictures from the day:


Enjoy 22 Whitney!

 photo fiiiiiiiindmeeee_zps496dabcf.png


  1. Adorable! :)) I don't have a little sister, but a little brother instead so I hear ya! :)))

  2. Your family has been blessed by hair gods...I am convinced.

  3. I feel like any excuse for you to get Gigi's is a good excuse ;)

  4. Is that a West Georgia tshit I spy?!