Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Will You Be Our Ring Bearer?

I know it's Tuesday and not Wednesday when I typically do my wedding posts, but I just couldn't help sharing our exciting wedding related news a day early! If you're worried about not getting your typical dose of "Wedding Wednesday," don't worry your little heart. I'm doubling up this week with wedding posts, so "Wedding Wednesday" is still on! Now, if you can't stand reading wedding junk, then you're out of luck. ;)
Yesterday, I mentioned my trip to Alabama to see Brittany & Luke.
In case you missed it, you can check it out here. I promise the wrist rolls are worth the look. I went down to Auburn, to not only spend time with some of my favorite people, but to also ask sweet baby Luke a very important question...
"Will you be our ring bearer?"
 Luke may not have had ANY clue what it read, what I asked, what his title entails, but I took this sweet face (along with a "yes" from mama) as a "yes." :)

The monkey totally sealed the deal.

Necktie-Graphic Bodysuit | Sippy Cup @ Target (in store only) | Plush Monkey @ Target (in store only) | Little Blue Truck Board Book
With Luke being under a year old, I wanted to keep the gift age appropriate, but something related to being a ring bearer. 
Necktie-Graphic Bodysuit: I chose the tie onesie because it fit the 'ring bearer' title - plus it was so stinkin' cute and so very dapper! 
'Little Blue Truck' Book: I knew I wanted a book, because DUH! I'm a teacher, and that's what I do. 
Sippy Cup: I knew the sippy cup was a little over his age at the moment, but it's something he can "grow into," and it had a weenie dog on it, which sold me immediately. 
Plush Monkey: The monkey was soft and plush, perfect for cuddling. Although, Brittany's dog seemed to like it more than Luke, but that's okay! ;) 
And last, but not least, the bucket was found in the dollar section at Target, and I just added a Hobby Lobby ribbon to add some extra cuteness. 
This project was so simple, but perfect for him. I knew I wanted to make him feel special like I tried to do asking our whole bridal party. If you missed how we asked the rest of our wedding party, check it out here:
Bridesmaids | Groomsmen | Flower Girl
Cody & I are so excited to have Luke as a sweet addition to our wedding party!
53 more days for Luke to practice his duties. ;)

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  1. Oh my goodness what a cute idea and what a cute ring bearer!!!!!

  2. That is so adorable - hell be so cute on the day of the wedding!


  3. aww that's such a cute idea!!

  4. You're going to have one super precious ring bearer on your wedding day! He's adorable :)

  5. That is such a sweet way to ask! He is going to be a cutie for sure!!

  6. What an excellent way to ask him. He's adorable and looked so happy to do the job. I love the onesie too. It totally fits :D

    now following you on gfc

  7. haha I'm sure his mama loved this! And he obviously loves his monkey!

  8. Adorable!!! Little blue truck is my little one's FAV book right now-- GREAT job pulling this together!