Monday, June 15, 2015

Road Trip Must-Haves

This time last year, Cody and I were setting sail for the Bahamas - ahh, take me back. :)
But this year, we've decided to stay in the country, and head north towards Maryland. Cody has family up in the Maryland/Delaware areas, so these two southerners are going to be getting a little adventurous over the next few days. 

With this long car ride ahead of us, I got to thinking about my road trip must-haves. And with me being pregnant, there will be lots and lots of snacks. And potty breaks.

one || music 

A good, solid music playlist is a must have for any extended drive in the car. It's just a must. Not only would I sleep the entire way without it, it keeps everybody in the car sane and not wanting to rip each other's eye balls out. Remember, share the radio - everybody should have equal turns listening to their style of music. Cough. Taylor Swift. Cough.

two || camera

You never know when you're going to pass an interesting landmark, a new state sign or want to document the person beside you drooling and snoring their way through Virginia. Black mail can always be beneficial. 

three || sunnies

A cute pair of sunglasses can hide you not only from the sun, but also so you don't scare anybody with your non-makeup, driving in the car for 8 hours face. The bigger the better is my motto.

four || map

Cody + I are planning a spontaneous drive back down the coast, stopping at various, interesting looking places along the way. A map can come in handy so you don't end up in Nebraska, when you wanted to see the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A really cool website RoadTripUSA offers maps, city information and fun things to do with whatever direction you're headed.

five || food

Road Trips: The second best excuse to eat whatever the heck you want.
The first one is being pregnant.
And I qualify for both.
Hello, chewy sprees and dill pickle chips.

six || drinks of choice

After loading your body full of salty potato chips and inviting cavities to invade your teeth from the chewy sprees, you're going to be thirsty. Keeping a small cooler in the car with you to grab drinks when needed is a must. It saves money and allows you to stay on track with travel times, so you're not stopping every so often for drinks. 

seven || reading material

Whether it be your favorite magazine, or a good book, having something to read during your road trip keeps you entertained and not sitting in silence because you and your co-pilot ran out of things to talk about after the first 4 hours.

eight || comfy clothes

If you still want to look cute, but stay casual and comfy during your trip, these Old Navy Linen Blend shorts are a NECESSITY!!! Especially with my growing belly these days!

Those were my road trip must-haves!
What are some of y'alls must-haves when you're hitting the road this summer?

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  1. Camera, snacks, good music... I think you nailed it! Those are all of my must haves for a road trip.

  2. I totally agree with the donuts and the sunnies! Great road trip choices!

  3. This is a great list! We're driving from FL to Hilton Head in a few weeks and will definitely be bringing all of the above :)

  4. Cute list! Mmmm that combination of snacks sounds good right about now... haha preggo problems:-)