Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Headed North || Summer Vacation || Part Two

After relaxing at the beach and exploring parts of Delaware on Monday, Tuesday was more of a relaxed day. We visited Cody's relatives in the evenings, but spent the morning at the beach, where it was ridiculously hot and the water actually felt good! Somehow I managed to get obnoxiously sunburned on my shoulders and chest so the beach by Wednesday didn't sound like the best idea! So instead of wasting the day away, Cody and I decided to hit the boardwalk in Ocean City for lunch and some one-on-one time.

We ended up at 'Guidos Burritos' for lunch, which seemed only fitting because I stereotyped the Ocean City boardwalk to be like the one on Jersey Shore. Needless to say, the burritos and nachos were delicious, so it left no room for any fried oreos, ice cream or funnel cakes for this pregnant lady. Boo!

By Thursday, the weather cooled down a lot and a few showers rolled in (plus my sunburn was still burning up my shoulders...), so instead of enjoying the beach, Cody and I headed back to Assateague Island to explore and hopefully spot some wild horses! 

And the only horse we really got to see close up was this little loner - standing in the parking lot...

Friday it was time to head back down south, and this time we were planning on driving the entire way home instead of stopping halfway like we did on the way up. Cody and I had every intention before we left to go sight-seeing down the coast on the way back... but pregnancy got the best of me and my hips, so getting home as fast as possible was the best choice at that point!

We did though make a pit stop at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel to check it out and stretch our legs. Part of the bridge goes under water which is really cool - unless you're Cody and in that case, it just freaks you out. :)

Going up there, we really didn't know what to expect, but all his relatives were so sweet and welcoming! We can't wait to go back up there again, but with a little peanut tagging along next time!

in case you missed part one

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  1. This trip looks like so much fun and a nice getaway after a long school year for you two! That boardwalk looks like such a neat place to walk around and sight see! So glad you got away for a few days together!

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun on your trip! I'm not going to lie though, and underwater bridge would totally freak me out too!

  3. I love the photos! It looks like you all had a fun trip...