Friday, June 5, 2015

Seven Moments

Cody and I have been newlyweds for almost a year come this Sunday and I can hardly believe it. It seems like yesterday we were last minute prepping wedding details and getting ready for the big day. And now, a year later, I wish I was relieving that June 7th day with my new husband.

This year has been full of surprises and excitement as a newlywed couple, and I can't help but look back at our wedding pictures and be so thankful for that day and our friends and family that shared in on the love.

Because we were married on the 7th (and we like to pretend seven in our lucky number), here are my top seven favorite moments from our wedding day!

seven || getting ready with my bridesmaids

It's not very often you have all your favorite girls in one place, but I was so lucky to have these girls around me on the most important day of my life. Each one offered such a unique part of their personality in making sure I was ready, having fun and feeling supported. I love them all!

six || seeing my pregnant bestie

Our photographer, Katie, captured this moment perfectly! 
Ashley was originally a bridesmaid, but because her sweet little bundle of joy, Nora, was due any day, we didn't want to add the pressure of bridesmaid onto the expecting mama. Ashley walked in as my girls we're helping me get in my dress, and I remember lighting up seeing her walk in! Of course those pregnancy hormones made Ashley cry instantly, which in turn made me get teary eyed in return. I was SO glad she could be there!

five || seeing our reception for the first time

Cody and I snuck over to our reception site during our pictures after the ceremony, and I remember feeling light a weight was lifted off my shoulders. After two years of wedding planning, my vision came to life thanks to our wedding planner, Terri. She read my mind perfectly, and I could hardly wait to see all our family and friends filling this magical space to celebrate us.

four || feeling blessed with all our guests

I remember sitting at our sweetheart table at our reception, surrounded by our guests, and Cody and I thinking how blessed we were to have so many loved ones and friends who think enough of us to celebrate in our relationship. We felt so completely and utterly loved.

three || dancing + photo boothing with friends and family

We wanted to make sure our guests had the time of their lives, and we think between the dancing, photo booth, and caricature artists, they certainly did. It was so nice to finally relax with my HUSBAND! and all our friends and family!

two || seeing my soon-to-be husband for the first time

We wanted to wait until I walked down the isle for us to see each other for the first time. I was so glad we did, because I felt like this moment was even more special. It was such a surreal moment that felt so distant through months of wedding planning. Cody's reaction to seeing me made me feel so at ease and ready to say "I do!"

one || our first kiss as husband and wife

The moment we had been waiting for finally came and it was beyond perfect.
We finally we're officially husband and wife and it never felt more perfect!

Happy almost Anniversary to my husband of one year!

In case you missed my wedding recap posts, check them out here!

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  1. I'm getting married in two months and I'm so excited to live these moments :) I'm in love with the first picture of you two kissing!

  2. What a special day! Happy 1st Anniversary!! :)

  3. Such a sweet list! Your wedding was stunning! Happy anniversary in 2 days!

  4. All such sweet moments! Happy Anniversary!! I hope you two have so much fun celebrating this weekend!